Just like last year before the holidays, Ángela Aguilar changed her look and has long hair

Ángela Aguilar surprises her fans with a change of look and her short hair is a thing of the past. It seems that today Pepe Aguilar's daughter wants to have a much longer and wavy hair...

Through Instagram, Ángela Aguilar presented her audience with a slight change of look. Next to the image in which she appears with long hair, the young singer wrote: “A little change…”. The rest of the outfit is quite casual, but it doesn’t stop looking sexy: black jacket, top in the same color but with lace over the chest; then, tight jeans with a pair of black knee-high boots.

Same little change that she has done last year, just before the winter holidays.

This time, although she wore diamonds, Angela didn’t want to fill herself with jewels and just wore a pair of rings. The detail of the jewels and the black color is again distinctive because recently, we have seen her opt for this tone a lot.

Of course, the last time we saw her in black, her jewelry really stole the camera’s attention, although her silhouette, without a doubt, also stole sighs as she passed by.

For the Latin Grammy ceremony we saw her arrive in metallic blue, but again, wearing spectacular jewelry that we can’t say there was too much, since in a musical award ceremony many things are usually allowed, unlike a gala like the Oscars.

We will have to wait and see how Angela Aguilar does with this change of look, because her very short hair has always been characteristic and a hallmark of her style and her music. Of course, the long hair now we understand that they are extensions or wigs, she could probably go back to short hair, at any time if she wants to.