Justin Santos, brother of reggaeton Arcángel, dies in spectacular car accident

Justin Santos, brother of the reggaeton Arcángel, died at age 21 when he was thrown out of the vehicle he was driving due to the strong impact it received.

The reports generated during the first hours of this Sunday, November 21, indicate that the young man died during a car accident that occurred on a highway in Puerto Rico, which would have been recorded by the cameras of the bridge where the accident occurred.

According to the authorities, everything happened when the woman identified as María E. Nevarez, 46, was passing through the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the opposite direction from San Juan to Carolina, so he hit his car head on with Justin Santos’s, which caused him to be ejected from the front.

As revealed by Sylvia Hernández, the driver who caused the unfortunate accident was driving while intoxicated. It is also reported that another young man who was a passenger in Santos’ car was also thrown out of his Cam-Am car, being seriously injured.

Police identify María E. Nevarez Torres, 46, as the reckless driver who got into the traffic, killing Justin Santos“He pointed out along with another series of images of the spectacular accident.

With a series of messages posted on his Instagram account, the reggaeton singer, Archangel, He expressed the painful moment that he and his entire family are going through, however, he accepts what happened and only asks for strength to be able to move forward.

“I am nothing or no one to demand of you, much less claim anything from you, Father, I was taught that your will, whatever happens, must be respected and accepted. And although it hurts at an inexplicable level, if that is your will, I repeat that I accept it Dad. Now I do believe that I am in a position to ask you for strength and understanding to be able to guide us! ”He wrote in the stories on his official Instagram profile.

In other texts, he assured that after a fateful accident he had a valuable lesson, the saddest of his life: “You gave me a real lesson on this lap. The one that has hurt me the most to be honest. Hit low and hard. I have no other to learn. The strength I had, my soul and this sick heart just died today too he added.