Kalimba and Gala Montes launch musical duet

Kalimba and Gala Montes are premiering their new simple ‘”Cínico,” and they are already on all digital platforms, leaving their followers surprised.

The singers, who have merged their talent, had announced on social networks the collaboration they would have in 2022.

“I haven’t been so excited about a single in a while. This cumbia is coming to have a great time with Gala Montes”.

Remember that on American Post News, we have let you know that Gala Montes surprised everyone with a radical change of look at the beginning of 2022.

Gala Montes and Kalimba

Kalimba and Gala Montes released their new single “Cínico”

The singer Kalimba expressed the pleasure that he had had working with Gala Montes and that he was already impatient for the public to discover his new song.

“I needed to get this out. You surprised and honored me by singing with me, dear. I have more emotion than words. I love you, big Galita”, he added.

The actress replied: “Kalimba, what emotion! How happy I am to share this with you. Thanks”.

The song’s video already has 30 thousand views on YouTube in the first hours, where you can also see the actress with a very sensual image.

What kind of music does Kalimba sing?

The singers met during their participation in Who is the Mask?

Kalimba and actress Gala Montes surprised the audience with their new song, which is of the cumbia genre, with an urban touch and has achieved the acceptance of their followers, fans, and the general public.

Among the comments of his followers, you can read the acceptance that the song has had:

“This song is very catchy. I congratulate you very much!”, “I was sad, I heard this beautiful song, and my sadness took away. Gala and Kalimba are the best”.

“It’s amazing this great song, a perfect combination!” and “we needed an artist like Kalimba along with a talent like Gala to remind me that there is talent outside of reggaeton,” to name a few.

Gala Montes and Kalimba met on the reality show “¿Quién es la Máscara?”, where they won first and second place shortly after they announced that they were launching their recent successful song.