Kalimba and Gala Montes sent a message to the cynical men who “are throwing the dog at half the world”

Kalimba and Gala Montes recorded the video for the song in a nightclub in Mexico City (Photo: Kalimba)

Kalimba and Gala Montes are premiering with the theme Cynical, a song to the rhythm of “cumbiatón” that they wrote together after meeting after their participation in the program Who the mask?, where they got the first and second place.

To discuss this release, the singers talked with Infobae Mexico, and they said they were happy to be able to experiment “playfully” with a social theme at a very popular rhythm with which they seek to get closer to the cumbia and urban public.

And it is that the theme of Cynical tells the story of a man who, with too many drinks, finds it easy to court a woman whom he has just met, being that he is already a man who has a relationship with his girlfriend.

Kalimba Gala Montes
The singers released the song “Cínico”, a cumbiatón with a light and festive message (Photo: Kalimba)

On this subject, it is Gala Montes who claims to have some experiences with a manIt is that “they throw the dog at half the world”. Before the express question of “if they have been caught in some infidelity”, the actress revealed:

“Not me, but I have met many very cynical men, so I identified a lot with the song and just what I tried to convey in the little verse I had, is that sometimes men get into relationships and they don’t want to be there and they’re throwing the dog at half the world and then it’s the woman’s fault”, expressed the 21-year-old actress and singer, who assures that the subject does not want to “normalize this type of behavior”.

“Yes, I have met many men who are so cynical and we don’t want to promote it with this song either, let’s say, rather laugh at it and as Kalimba said, it’s like saying ‘we are seeing them, we are checking them, we have them well located here,'” he said in a cheerful tone about the men to whom he sends a strong message:

“I would tell them that you have to be consistent with what you think, say and do, if one of these things does not ‘match’ with another, we are not very clear about where we are going or where we come from”, he sentenced.

Gala Montes Who is the mask
The actress was able to control her claustrophobia under the heavy suit of ”Gypsy” in ‘Who is the mask’, where she won second place Photo: Televisa

For its part, Kalimba highlighted that Cynical It is a song with which the general public can identify more easily, because in addition to its fun and happy tone for dancing, it deals with a light criticism of the so-called “toxic” relationships.

“The lyrics are really very funny, it is based on something that does exist, obviously but not with the intention of saying ‘that’s how we live it or applaud it’ but rather, It is a letter that goes according to a genre that is also very popular, a very neighborhood genre, we want with such a danceable base we wanted to play a theme like that, I think that cumbia songs have this type of theme, which speaks a little more irreverently about relationships, because it is such a popular genre, ”said the also member of OV7.

Kalimba Who is the mask
Kalimba was crowned the winner of ‘Who is the mask’ under the character of ‘Apache’ (Photo: Televisa)