Kalimba and María León sing together and give an incredible show to their audience

In one of the most recent concerts of the former OV7 and now soloist Kalimba, the public enjoyed an incredible collaboration with a very special guest. It was about the talented singer Mary Leonformer lead singer of Playa Limbo.

Both singers had previously shared on their personal social networks that they were planning to sing together at the same show. María León herself was the one who shared some photographs of the beautiful moment shared by these two talents of Mexican music.

The singer wore wide, high-waisted cloth pants and accompanied it with a black top adorned with diamonds, while Kalimba He wore a type of black jogger with a colored stripe. Also a lime green knitted vest adorned with daisies.

The two famous sang at the Metropolitan Theater

María León singing next to Kalimba. Kalimba has the surname Marichal.

This incredible collaboration between Kalimba Y Mary Leon It was within the framework of the former OV7 and they were presented last Friday, July 15 at the Metropolitan Theater. The singer thanked the opportunity through the following message:

“The day of @kalimbaofficial he invited me to play with him at @tmetropolitanmx @_kbocanegra and @loon.shots *I don’t know how to close an eye but I always try.”

Given this, Kalimba He thanked her very much for having sung by her side, he also told her that he has always admired her and that he “rifa” her with her singing talent. The singer is promoting his new tour called Alquimia Tour. He also recently announced that he was joining 2000’s Pop Tour. We have more information about the singers in AmericanPost.News.

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Why do they call Kalimba Marichal?

Kalimba has the surname Marichal.

In case you did not know this fact about the famous singer Kalimba, we tell you why some refer to him as Marichal. The truth is that it is part of his full name.

This is: Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar. While Kalimba is the name of an instrument, Marichal It is his surname which is in French.

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