Kalimba is Apache and wins the third season of Who is the mask?

Today, Sunday, December 18, the final of the third season of Who is the mask?. As we mentioned previously, the celebrities hidden under the costume of Apache, Gypsy Y Roe fought hard to win the competition that was broadcast for more than two months through the Las Estrella de Televisa.

After sharing the stage with Carlos Rivera and Reik in an emotional and romantic presentation, this charismatic character managed to move on to the next round, so he had to prepare to face Gitana in an uphill battle for the coveted first place.

In a final attempt to decipher his identity, the panel of investigators analyzed the clues and then made their final bet. Surprisingly, everyone agreed that Kalimba was the one under the Apache costume. When removing the mask, the interpreter of ‘Tocando Fondo’ said he was grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the third season.

Gitana and Hueva, winners of the second and third place

Gitana and Hueva conquered the second and third places of the third season. The winner of the show does not receive a cash prize.

Before revealing that it was Kalimba, Adrián Uribe announced that Gitana was Gala Montes and that she had won second place in the competition. Curiously, the panel of investigators could not guess his identity, This despite the fact that in social networks the rumor had already begun to circulate that it was about her.

Similarly it was revealed that Hueva was Emilio Osorio, who thanks to the support of his fans and his charisma managed to win third place. However, this situation was not to the liking of netizens, who say that was favored by the production throughout the show.

The prize that the winner of Who is the mask?

The winner of the show does not receive a cash prize.

AmericanPost.News He let you know beforehand that the winner of the third season of Who’s the Mask? does not receive a cash award, this because the program produced by Michelangelo Fox was made in order to entertain the public, so Only one trophy is taken from the production and the experience lived within the show.

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Photographs: Social Networks