Kalimba joins the 2000’s Pop Tour to offer great concerts

Mexico. The singer-songwriter Kalimba joins the 2000’s Pop Tour to offer great concerts. In several news portals it is confirmed that M’Balia Marichal’s brother confirms that he is part of said musical project.

Months ago it was announced that the 2000’s Pop Tour project is being prepared and would contemplate several artists to visit many cities and it is already a reality. Kalimba is one of the artists that the public will enjoy.

On the Instagram account @2000poptour they share this weekend that Kalimba is already part of the artistic cast that will soon arrive in different cities of the Mexican Republic.

“Welcome, Kalimba to the official line up of the 2000’s Pop Tour”, they write in the publication and they also clarify that he is the last artist to join the concert tour.

instagram photo

Kalimba, for his part, shares the publications through his social networks and ensures that the public will have fun and see great surprises on stage.

2000’s Pop Tour will begin in CDMX on June 10, then continue through Monterrey on July 8 and Guadalajara on August 20, and the cast also includes Paty Cantú, Fanny Lu, the group Motel, Kudai, Nikki Clan, Playa Limbo and Yahir, among others.

Kalimba is a very talented young man, since since his childhood he showed signs of singing and dancing, in fact one of his first participations was in the theme of Yuri’s video What’s wrong with you? and participation in television programs such as Chiquilladas.

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Kalimba is originally from CDMX and his full name is Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar and since he was a teenager he prepared himself professionally to shine professionally on stage as he does now; for example, he has been a member of La Onda Vaselina and 0V7.

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