Kalimba launched himself against celebrities who talk about gossip and influencers: “Each generation will come worse”

The singer will participate in 2022 in the play “José el soñador” (Photo: Instagram@kalimbaofficial)

At the present time and for several years, the personal life of singers, actors, presenters and any public figure has attracted more public attention. That is why many times more attention is paid to the “scandals” of celebrities than to their performance in their artistic and work projects.

Regarding this, Kalimba spoke with Infobae Mexico and questioned what he called “a vicious cycle” in the entertainment industry:

“You cannot sell what is not consumed, if the public showed that gossip is not the most important thing, it would not be consumed, but that is why it exists because unfortunately several colleagues prefer to sell that instead of dedicating themselves to being more talented, disciplined and professional”said the singer who is promoting his song Cynical, recorded next to Gala Montes.

The former OV7 admitted that “fame is addictive”, which is why many of his artistic guild colleagues seek to be in the midst of controversy when their projects in film, theater, music or television are no longer talked about.

Kalimba Gala Montes
The singers released the song “Cínico”, a cumbiatón with a light and festive message (Photo: Kalimba)

“When someone sees that through their talent they are no longer receiving the applause, the fame that they were used to, they look for it in another way. Most of the people who are in this industry look for fame instead of looking for respect., admiration, they chase fame as it is. So they say ‘I don’t have a novel anymore or my novel isn’t what is talking about me the most, so I’m going to talk to you about my life, about my divorce, about my problem, about my blah blah’ and that already generates feedback because it’s what you give to the public, the public already wants to know”, he expressed.

And it is that the 39-year-old musician highlighted the importance of each artist to cultivate their talent and perform professionally without having to resort to other strategies. In this sense, he said he feels calm because he strives to develop his artistic skills instead of seeking to “give the note” to the press.

“I tell you how it is, I’m not interested in knowing those things about my life, it’s not important, it’s not what I sell or what I am, I am an artist, I sell you my art and I take singing classes, and I discipline myself, and I dance three hours under a botarga and I get dehydrated as long as I go on stage and you applaud, and enjoy it and cry with me, that’s what I want to sell you, I Kalimba “, he said in relation to his work in the finished reality show who is the mask, where he got the first place under the character of “Apache”.

Kalimba stressed the importance for artists to continue cultivating their talent, instead of seeking fame at all costs (Photo: File)
Kalimba stressed the importance for artists to continue cultivating their talent, instead of seeking fame at all costs (Photo: File)

Kalimba said he was aware of a dynamic that he described as “very demeaning” in the midst of fame:

I already discovered that if I show my body and if I talk about gossip I have more followers, and if I have more followers the sponsors, instead of being concerned about me being a more respected and admirable artist, are more concerned about my followers, then they are going to give me more sponsorships, they are going to give me more money, they are going to bring me more gifts, I am going to get more work and then more people are going to want to be me. Then they are going to turn to see a talented artist and they are going to say ‘but they don’t give him so many things, he doesn’t earn that much money’”.

Kalimba Who is the mask
The musician chatted with Infobae Mexico about “the great adventure” of getting under the skin of a fantasy character (Photo: Televisa)

In this sense, he equated what happens between artists and the fine line between exercising their art and becoming “influencers”, who are not always an example worth following:

“I would go from being an artist to being influencer. influencer is anyone who has influence over another person, the question is what influence do we have, and what influence do we want. It is our responsibility as adults to understand that if we continue to feed the bad influence, each new generation will come worse and that is the truth”, expressed the also dancer and DJ.


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