Kalimba returns to Peru: “I would not make a telenovela of my life like Luis Miguel or José José” | INTERVIEW

He returns after more than 6 years to make his followers sigh. Mexican singer Kalimba will be presented this February 14 at the event, ‘Love under the stars’, where he will share the stage with artists such as Reik, Camila, Alex Ubago and Ezio Oliva.

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In an interview with Trome, Kalimba tells details of the show and the projects it has underway for the coming monthslike the start of his ‘6 pm’ tour, a tour with OV7 and what would be the launch of his first book with personal experiences.

The singer also just released a song with Anna Carina called ‘Sin Sentido’, with which he returns the invitation and seeks to repeat the success he achieved when both performed the classic song ‘Hypocrisy’.

What does it mean for you to return to Peru?

Visiting Peru for me is always a treat. It is my second home, that does not leave my mouth until I disappear from the face of the earth. It is the official start of my tour and on a date that has always had an important weight in my career. That day I will be very excited. It’s going to be masterful.

You are one of the first international artists to return to Peru to do concerts due to the pandemic…

For entrepreneurs it is also a risk. I thank you. It is an industry (music) like any other, which is also a job and from which millions of families live. People sometimes say ‘artists have money’. One, it’s not that way; two, not all artists have money and three, it is about everything that is generated around it.

You have an important repertoire of ballads and songs. Do you consider yourself a versatile artist?

For me it is important to have a balance in my musical career. For me, I would go crazy and get depressed if I sing a concert full of ballads. I come from a musical pop group, which I had to dance, we have an important dance repertoire. My second solo single was a funk ‘Latin party’. I can’t be a soloist who puts out ballad after ballad because it drives me crazy. I wouldn’t just release upbeat songs either because I’ve created a connection through the shelves with the public that I really enjoy.


Kalimba returns to Peru: “I would get depressed if I sing a concert full of ballads”

Tell us about your new song with Anna Carina, how did the idea of ​​recording with her again come about?

On February 10, a song with Anna Carina came out. ‘No sense’ is a love song, it’s not quite a ballad but it’s quite danceable. I wanted to sing with her many years ago, I wanted to return the invitation she gave me in Hypocrisy. I’m going to Peru to present this song in the month of love. When I had the song in my hands, the first voice that came to mind was definitely Anna Carina’s, she knows how to interpret and touch the heartstrings. She was perfect for this.

I read that you were writing a book of your good and bad experiences. Will the release be soon?

Being an autobiographical book to call it that, I felt that it had no end. The situations that I have lived, public, some that they do not know and professional and personal situations as well. My intention is to make a book that when they finish reading it they know that for everything there is an encounter, a way out, a process, a hope and a purpose. I feel now that I have already finished a stage, but I don’t have time to launch it.

Would you like that, after the release of the book, it could become a series for TV or for streaming?

When it becomes television, they want to create more drama than the existing one and it is not a soul book, it is not a book to explain anything, it is not morbid. The only curiosity is that they are going to find out some things they don’t know and how they face them.and. I don’t want them to create a soap opera around me like what happened to the life of Luis Miguel, or Mrs. D’Alessio or José José, it is not my interest. I don’t know if any platform or television station is interested in talking about something more personal, documentary and less dramatic.

If they meet your conditions, you could be encouraged to make a series…

If you are interested in how I want to narrate it, welcome. The end is not that it is a best seller of drama, but of purpose. If that works for the platforms, I would be willing and I would love it because people would receive a message that is important to me.