Kalimba revealed how he faces racism: “I heard a thousand times ‘pinc #% negro'”

One of the issues that have been put on the table in Mexican society in recent times are racism and discrimination, condemning that at this point there are still people who marginalize others by their complexion color, origin or social class.

Given this, it has been the singer Kalimba who has spoken, since the musician and actor is part of the Afro-Mexican population. It was in the Creative podcast where the OV7 member talked about his career in the artistic world and also He addressed personal aspects, such as the way he deals with racism.

The singer of Latin Party told that it comes from “A proudly black family. We hear ‘fucking black’ a thousand times, since we were little ”. He said that emphasizing his racial origin was a recurring act, for example in his childhood, when other children were defeated in sports matches by Kalimba and his family.

“Almost all of my cousins ​​were athletes and when we got together to have parties at the house of an uncle of mine we would go out to a little park downstairs that Soccer and basketball challenges were held, and we usually dominated. So, the way they could hurt us and I say it in quotes, was to insult us because of our race ”, recalled the brother of the also member of OV7 M’Balia Marichal.

However, not feeling intimidated by discriminatory comments from people outside his family had to do with essentially because of the way he was brought up by his parents. This was stressed:

“They taught me how proud and how beautiful our color is, our race, without demeriting another race; Most of our fathers (in their family) are black who married Mexican or white Latinas, Almost all of my aunts and my mother are a bank, so that created a very different conscience for us. My cousins, children of black and white, were less than children of black and white, ”the music producer also highlighted.

“That caused us a very different thought, you came to a place and ‘fucking black’ yes and you are white and what happens?”

He also made reference to the disqualifications that appeal to slavery, taking as reference the historical burden on this issue in the black race: “It’s very funny that someone comes to Mexico and says ‘Fucking slave’. It’s from: ‘I don’t think you read your story.’ Most of the countries have a conquest, the United States was created of immigrants. In Mexico we were slaves when we were conqueredyes, ”he added.

Kalimba pointed out how wrong in his opinion it is to associate stratum, complexion color or origin with a particular activity, and called not to perpetuate stereotypes in society:

“In Mexico we tend to want to insult through a reality that is lived by many things, for example: ‘Pinche Indio, Pinche Negro’. We even talk about jobs. (…) If you say to someone: ‘You are a slave’, talk about how you are ignorant because you think that my color is designed for an action; Inside my head the insult was for you, it did not affect me ”, he sentenced.

“In my personal life it changed a lot, I have African and Cuban cousins ​​who lived through it. My close family comes from a proudly black family. “

The also actor of the play Joseph the dreamer He also spoke of other minorities that continue to suffer the ravages of discrimination today:

We tend to disapprove of everything we don’t understand, that’s where racism comes from. The white race did not understand what it is to be black, they believed that we did not have a soul, that it was a disease, that it was a lot of things. Today it happens with LGBT society, it happens with many other minorities, including how many years has passed with machismo, to think that women were designed to serve absolutely, we disapproved of everything we understood or understood ”, concluded the artist.