Kalimba reveals how he was close to death and was resurrected

The Mexican singer, Kalimba, He is one of the most beloved pop singers by the Mexican public due to his talent and charisma that he has squandered since he was just a child and that is why the strong revelation he made a few days ago was so surprising as he assured that he had a close encounter with the death of which, fortunately, he was able to get away well to continue giving us away with his songs.

It was during an interview for the Hoy program in which, due to the Day of the Dead fever, the singer of OV7 was questioned about his closest experience with death, so Kalimba pointed out that he had had a very strong experience with death, but that he had never told about it because he did not consider it necessary.

He continued his story by assuring that the incident occurred some years ago when he was 16 years old and was on vacation with his family in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca when he drowned and was dead for about a minute.

“I had never told it because it just hadn’t crossed my mind because they had never asked me so directly, but I drowned at 16 in Puerto Escondido and they resurrected me by giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, so I was really dead like one minute”, confessed the singer of “Tocando fondo”.

Subsequently, Kalimba detailed how the circumstances that caused him to lose his life occurred and mentioned that everything happened to try to save his sister, M’baila, who is not a very good swimmer, according to the singer.

I was surfing, my sister was swimming and I had to go for M’baila who is not such a good swimmer ”, added the singer who participated last Sunday, October 31 in the International Day of the Dead Parade organized by the government of Mexico City, where in addition to the OV7 there were also other personalities such as Laura León, María León, Yahir, Regina Orozco and Ariel Miramontes, who is best known for his charming character as Albertano.

A few weeks ago, Athenas Escudero, Kalimba’s former partner and mother of her youngest son named Mikha, revealed that the relationship with the singer is extremely degraded and that it is mainly affecting her young son as she revealed that the interpreter of “Just let yourself be loved.” does not pay child support.

However, later Kalimba came out to show his face and in addition to denying all the accusations against him, he assured that his relationship with his children is very good and asked that if they are going to defame him that they do so with strong evidence of what they say.

Currently, Kalimba is 39 years old and is reactivating his musical career after a complicated year by the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition, it is speculated that he is one of the participants of “Who is the mask?“It is believed that the singer may be under the guise of” Apache “as he has given various clues that could expose him.

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