Kalimba reveals that he never wanted to be in “Who’s the Mask?”

Kalimba He was part of the hit TV show Who is the mask?what would become the winner of its third season.

Before his triumph, the singer was questioned about the experience he had on the showto which is sincere and revealed that he never wanted to be part of the programbut in the end they made him change his mind.

How do we share you in AmericanPost.NewsRecently, Kalimba confessed that he was dead for several minutes after drowning in the sea and after several minutes they were able to revive him.

Kalimba states that he did not want to be part of the “Who is the mask?”

He was the winner of the third season of this TV show.

With the success that Kalimba singer along with his character as the “Apache” on the tv show Who is the mask?the former member of OV7 He confessed that this project was not part of his plans.

In an interview conducted for Unicable television, the singer was sincere and talked about his current projects and of what I didn’t plan to do, since Kalimba, assured that he would never participate in reality shows again.

However, he changed his mind after the producer of this television program, Miguel FoxI will tell you about the program proposal in which he had to compete based on talent.

As feedback, the artist explains that his character earned a very special place in his heart and in his career.

Why was Kalimba in jail?

During 2010, former member of OV7 was charged with the crime of rape of a minor in the city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

The victim, known as Dianahad been in the same bar as the singer, who was working as a DJ.

Diana claims that she was invited with her friend and other girls to the hotel room where the artist was staying and that was where they allegedly had sex with the artist.

Given the complaint, M’balia’s brother was arrested in the state of Texas and was transferred to the Chetumal Rehabilitation Center in Quintana Roowhere he was for seven days until the authorities had no more evidence to incriminate the singer.

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