Kalimba reveals that OV7 reunion was stopped by the pandemic, not the lawsuits

What was purported to be the largest celebration of OV7 in 30 years, sand became the almost definitive break of the brotherhood between its members.

Lidia Ávila, Ari Boroboy, Óscar Schwebel, Érika Zaba, Mariana Ochoa, M’Balia and Kalimba They would team up again for a reunion tour with their original lineup.

The lawsuit of the “Vaseline Wave” has a background beyond what he said Lidia about M’Balia, being so, Kalimba assured that this was not the reason for the cancellation of the tour.

Kalimba talks about the OV7 reunion

Kalimba talks about the OV7 reunion. Why did the OV7 fight?

Everything seems to indicate that the quarrels between the OV7 they have already finished, recently Kalimba spoke to the press about the resumption of the tour for the 30th anniversary of the group.

“We are at the moment to be able to talk and know what is next, we have to plan it because there are seven calendars, seven different lives, although for people it is ‘then get together and do it’, it is not like that because we all have occupations starting from our personal lives We are all dads now and we can’t just disappear from our homes for a year. “

Regarding the lawsuit between its members, Kalimba He assured that this was not the reason for the cancellation of the tour, but rather it was the definitive closure of the activities by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why did the OV7s fight?

Why did the OV7s fight?

The lawsuit between the group began when Lidia Ávila had stopped following M’Balia on her social networks, claiming her homosexual relationship was not to her liking.

Added to that, the ‘brothers’ stopped talking and did not see each other until the last weeks where the same members assured that they had made the passes.

Now all that is history, the tour of OV7 it will be done yes or yes, because with a lot of money involved, its members will have to make a space in their agendas to get back on stage.

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