Kalimba spoke about the cancellation of his concert for alleged breach of contract: “They were going to seek to defame me”

Kalimba shared with his followers on social networks that during the first weekend of February 2022, supposedly He was defrauded and threatened by a businessman from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, when he breached the contract they had agreed for a presentation at the bar ‘El piso 33’.

The famous 39-year-old Mexican interpreter shared a video with his more than 500,000 followers on Instagram in which he said he was tired of working with people who do not comply with pre-established legal agreements. His public complaint was recovered by the program First hand from Image Television.

I’m sick, sick of having to deal with fraudulent peopleof having to deal with businessmen or pseudo-businessmen who believe that by having a little power and contacts they can live threatening artists or threatening the industry, ”explained the singer and assured that everything was in order until there was a problem with the payments .

Kalimba publicly denounces that he has received threats Photo: Instagram/@kalimbaofficial

The interpreter of bottoming out He explained, in more detail, that during the negotiations the payments were postponed for several days before the date agreed for the concert in the bar, so in the end he had to cancel the presentation.

“I had a contract to do a show in Matamoros […] with which we were going well, we were going in order until the man simply decided not to pay the first payment, he was late, this comes in the contract. Here I show you the date and the second payment, he was also given three extensions. The first time, he agreed to make the payment and just didn’t.”.

Finally, the actor shared in his live from Instagram who decided to cancel the presentation, since he had other requests for events and shows at the door; and is currentlyn rehearsals for the staging of Jose, the dreamr where he shares credits with Carlos Rivera.

The singer will participate in 2022 in the play “José el soñador” (Photo: Instagram@kalimbaofficial)

However, the problems did not stop after the cancellation of the event. The interpreter shared that the businessman’s intermediary tried to convince him and his work team to open a new date, which they later opened without the authorization of the also theatrical actor.

“The broker called us. […] and as you will see, he is also already alerted in several chats and in several groups for being a person who commits fraud with concerts and artists and well, he calls us to tell us the annoyance of the person who wanted to hire me”, he said.

The former member of OV7 He emphasized that his legal and work team decided to talk with the intermediary to give him the opportunity to reschedule a new date for April 2 and they would commit to pay for the presentation. However, the other party decided to ignore the deal and rescheduled, without Kalimba’s authorization, a date for February 5.

Kalimba, Apio Quijano and <a class=Ninel Conde at the end of the musical Sie7e at the Pepsi Center. Mexico City, June 24, 2021. Photo: Karina Hernández / Infobae ” height=”3265″ src=”https://www.americanpost.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Kalimba-spoke-about-the-cancellation-of-his-concert-for-alleged.JPG” width=”4896″ />
Kalimba, Apio Quijano and Ninel Conde at the end of the musical Sie7e at the Pepsi Center. Mexico City, June 24, 2021. Photo: Karina Hernández / Infobae (Karina Hernandez / Infobae /)

Kalimba shared that after letting them know of his annoyance, the people who initially contacted him sought to publicly discredit him, after failing to remove any of the flyers with the date of the concert.

“When we let them know that they are announcing a fraudulent date, they decide to leave the announcement of that date for two more days. And at that moment they let us know that they are not going to do it if we act this way, that if my office decided to cancel the date they would seek to defame meI wentthey were going to release a public statement in which they were going to say that I breach my contracts. We have the threats, we have the things both in writing and by phone,” she stated.


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