Kalimba suffered discrimination for her tattoos, earrings and piercings

Kalimba has Cuban descent (Photo: Instagram)

Kalimba He took advantage of the end of the Christmas season to express that he should always support others and for that reason, for many years he has a foundation that supports people from different communities throughout the country. Despite his intentions, the actor also mentioned that when creating it suffered a lot of discrimination because of tattoos, earrings, piercings and the look she wore as sponsors did not see it as “congruent”.

The member of the pop band OV7 He told about that past in his professional career, since he did not understand what his physical appearance had to do with his social work:

“Since I started my foundation and wanted to start helping, there were some doors that did not open, because they turned to see a person full of tattoos, very striking hair, my way of dressing, many earrings and it was like: ‘I don’t know if my sponsor and my brand wants to put their money here’, they did not see it congruent. There was a bit of resistance at the beginning ”, mentioned the singer of hits like I can not stop loving you, You forgot it or Hitting Bottom.

Kalimba has more than 50 tattoos on his body (Photo: Instagram / @ kalimbaofficial)
Kalimba has more than 50 tattoos on his body (Photo: Instagram / @ kalimbaofficial)

The singer said that sadly in Mexico this type of situation happens very often and that it does not matter if it is even a celebrity like him since the stigma about tattoos, piercings and clothing is still a very complex issue today, despite the fact that you can already report discrimination.

The voice actor who has provided his voice for films such as Chicken little, True heroes or The Smurfs: The Lost Village He took advantage of the topic of conversation to tell how his love for tattoos was born, which currently number around 54 and which are highly flattered by their fans for their designs.

I must be 54 right now, I started with 4, it was never addiction. I always knew that it was going to be all tattooed. I’ve always been a rock fan, one of my idols is Axl rose, who has many tattoos, I think that now I have more than him, but it is not addictive as people say, “he mentioned before a group of reporters.

Kalimba has worked as a voice actor in more than 10 films (Photo: Instagram / @ kalimbaofficial)
Kalimba has worked as a voice actor in more than 10 films (Photo: Instagram / @ kalimbaofficial)

Although discrimination is a very delicate issue that leaves all kinds of sequelae in the people who suffer them, the singer assured that it is not his case since he has always remained strong and “slips” all kinds of comments they make against him.

“Not at all, society has been like this since the beginning of time. Right now we are doing a work called Joseph, The Dreamer Based on the book of the bible about the two most important personages of humanity and from which the whole of humanity starts. God is denied, judged and is not accepted, Jesus was also, that we have more teaching that during all the years this will happen ”, expressed Kalimba.

The singer ended the meeting by assuring that it is due to a lack of knowledge of the human being about himself that people commit acts of discrimination and sent a message to all his detractors or people who commit this type of behavior: “We have to understand and know how human beings are because only in this way can we change it”.

Kalimba Who is the mask
The musician participated against artists such as Lorena Herrera, Carlos Ponce or Dulce María (Photo: Televisa)

In past weeks Kalimba participated in the reality show from Televisa Who is the mask, where your character Apache was crowned the big winner of the second season of said broadcast. On “television’s best kept secret,” he also DJ Y standupHe had to hide his identity from his family and friends: “I told them I was going to go to Alaska and I was not going to have a signal,” he mentioned.


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