Kalimba was a victim of fraud and makes a public complaint

From your social networks, Kalimba made known to all his followers that was a victim of fraud and was forced to cancel a concert in the bar ‘El piso 33’ which is located in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, because the person who had to pay him simply stopped doing so.

Noticeably upset and frustrated, he said he was fed up with dealing with fraudulent people who threaten the music industry and can threaten artists however they want.

Let us remember that the singer revealed his truth about the case of Diana de Chetumal, where he was also the victim of threats and extortion, but not by criminals, but by the same authorities, since he claims to have been a scapegoat.

Kalimba denounces being a victim of fraud

The singer denounced the businessman who is threatening him The singer became known since he was very young

The former member of OV7 pointed out that everything was going well with the payments, until things got weird and when he stopped receiving money, he was forced to cancel the date in Tamaulipas.

“I’m tired, tired of having to deal with fraudulent people, of having to deal with businessmen or pseudo-businessmen who believe that because they have power, they can live threatening.”

He added that Mr. Joel Damian Echaverria Santana He was the one who stopped making the payments and that his work team gave him three extensions to make the payment, but finally he stopped making them and the singer had to cancel the show.

“We also had other requests for events, shows, I have theater rehearsals and other things, we had to cancel the concert.”

Given the situation, the singer denounced threats from the businessman, who told him that he would defame him if he canceled the dates, and claimed to have these “warnings” in writing and by telephone.

How old is Kalimba?

The singer became known since he was very young

The singer is currently 39 years old, he was born on July 26, 1982 in Mexico City, although his family has ancestry from other countries and that is why his name was so notorious as was that of his sister, who is called, M’ Bali Marichal.

When he was accused of sexually abusing a minor, it was said that Kalimba was Alor Quezada’s scapegoat, and the same interpreter gave the details of that difficult moment in his life, which we revealed in AmericanPost.News.

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