Kanasín, ‘the capital of the panucho’ launches its new welcome arch

One more holiday was recorded in Kanasín, after the new welcome arch of the municipality was inaugurated.

In this arch you can read the legend that baptizes the municipality as ‘the capital of the panucho’.

The inauguration of this arch took place this Friday, December 17, at 6:00 p.m., on 69 street, at the entrance of the municipality.

The Mayor thanked his work team. A video mapping projection was held prior to the inaugural power-up.

Prior to its inauguration, the mayor of Kanasín, Edwin Bojórquez thanked his entire work team for their support for the work they are doing to improve the municipality.

The Mayor of Kanasín spoke of the great effort that his administration is making to rescue and rehabilitate the streets of the municipality, in the sports fields, in the police booths and in the public lighting, as well as the reinforcement of security and cleanliness urban and other actions to take the municipality to what they call the next level.

Bojórquez stated that the main objective of its administration is to improve the image of the municipality and to provide a place for the inhabitants of which good news is given, where the Kanasinese people feel proud to live.

Kanasín improving its image

A video mapping projection was held prior to the inaugural power-up.

As we have already reported in AmericanPost.News, Since last December 14, a series of events has been registered to show the improvements in the image of the municipality, such as the unveiling of the monument to the jaraneros.

Subsequently, on December 16, the inauguration of the rehabilitation works of the main park was carried out.

These actions are the beginning of the improvements in the recovery of the identity of the municipality.

It is worth mentioning that during the inauguration of this inaugural arch, the Mayor of Kanasín announced that next year, Kanasín will have its own ‘Panucho Fair’ and that they seek to position the municipality as the best place to enjoy this Yucatecan dish.

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