Kanye West never kept his infidelities to Kim Kardashian a secret

Kanye West never kept his infidelities to Kim Kardashian a secret

Rapper Kanye West has once again generated a stir in the American social chronicle by speaking at length, in his new song ‘Hurricane’, about the fact that he was unfaithful to his already ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, during their seven years of marriage, which could be legally dissolved at the end of this year if the two parties end up reaching a definitive agreement on the matter.

Sources in his environment now assure that, despite not having publicly pronounced on such a delicate matter, his extramarital affairs were well known by his collaborators, closest friends and, a posteriori, by the bulk of the Kardashian clan television. As is clear from the information available to The Sun newspaper, these ‘deviations’ in his behavior were concentrated in a time when the artist was especially vulnerable.

“It was no secret to those who have always worked closely with Ye (the nickname the rapper is trying to adopt as a new legal name). She committed infidelities after her second child was born. During his tour ‘Saint Pablo Tour’, Kanye unburdened himself with his entire team, confessing that he had slept with several women behind Kim’s back ”, revealed an informant in conversation with the newspaper.

According to the same confidant, Kanye was in great need of psychological help during that particular bump in his existence, so he soon had to face the situation directly with his wife, who on the other hand did everything possible to support him until the erratic The rapper’s demeanor was too overwhelming for her. “From the way he was telling it, it was clear that he couldn’t hide it from Kim for long. She has endured a lot throughout their relationship, and has been by his side until he couldn’t take it anymore ”, added the same source.

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