Kanye West releases official trailer for his Netflix documentary ‘jeen-yuhs’

Before the theatrical release of its first act, jeen yuhs, the three-part documentary series about the artist formerly known as KanyeWest, received a new trailer.

Directing the trilogy backed by Creative Control and TIME Studios is the filmmaking duo of Clarence “Coodie” Simmons Y Chike Ozah, two names that should sound pretty familiar to long-time fans of Ye.

At a private screening in New York last month, TIME Studios president Ian Orefice detailed how personally “inspiring” he found the documentary to be.

“They were able to capture, not just the footage, but with Coodie’s camera empathy, the most special story I’ve ever seen. … This movie is inspiring,” said Orefice.

The rapper’s documentary will arrive on Netflix in three parts.

The documentary has received an extra layer of attention in recent weeks following Ye’s public comments that were shared amid coverage of the Act 1 premiere on the Sundance Film Festival.

In a post by Instagram dated January 21st which remained active at the time of this writing, the Donda (and Donda 2) artist said he “must get final editing and approval” on the project before the release date of Netflix of February 16.

Coodie told Rolling Stone that he ran into Ye days after the IG post, at which point they “talked like brothers” without mentioning it.

When is the Kanye West documentary released?

Fans will have the opportunity to see Act 1 of jeen-yuhs: A Kanye West Trilogy in select theaters on February 10, and the Netflix release will begin on February 16 and continue for three weeks.

And if current (and publicly announced) plans come to pass, fans of Ye will also get Donda’s sequel this month.

Future is the executive producer of the new album, the recording sessions of which have been meticulously recorded on social media.

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