Karely Ruiz admits impulsiveness, apologizes to Maya Nazor and fans

Karely opens up about her actions, regrets, and seeks reconciliation after the explosive drama involving Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor.

Finally, repentance came to Karely Ruiz, who issued a statement where she apologized for the series of negative comments she made against Maya Nazor. The model from Monterrey assured that all her words were the product of impulse and that she didn’t want her bad decisions to prevent her followers from always being with her.

Karely Ruiz’s most significant controversy began when she revealed she was in a relationship with rap singer Santa Fe Klan. The model uncovered the secret during a concert of the singer where she decided to kiss him in the mouth in front of the whole audience. A moment that quickly went viral all over the net.

Later she was harshly criticized on social networks by many users. And is that Maya Nazor was in the middle of the narrative as the rapper’s current partner and as their child’s mother. In other words, the victim of the whole situation.

Instead of Ruíz accepting her mistake and asking for an apology, she began to make countless statements in which she directly attacked her former friend. She was immediately labeled a “chapulina” on social networks, and little by little, her followers decreased thanks to the controversy that hurt her reputation.

The Only Fans model’s reaction was to say that there was no such thing as friends in the entertainment industry and that what mattered most to her at the time was “billing.” Instead, Maya Ruiz decided to get out of the public eye and, through a live broadcast on her social networks, assured everyone that she would withdraw from the “drama” and that she no longer cared about the love life of her ex-husband and father of her child.

All of the above generated a negative perception of Karely Ruiz in social networks and among the general public. Especially after her reactionary statements and the few explanations she offered for what many described as a “blatant infidelity.”

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Karely Ruiz repents and apologizes.

Although the model’s reputation was steadily declining, Ruiz nonetheless chose to ignore the attacks and focus on her relationship with Santa Fe Klan. For days she focused on uploading photos of the two to her social networks and promoting the song she intends to release with the rapper and an intimate video sold through her Only Fans account.

However, in a surprising twist to this story, the model from Monterrey took to her social networks to issue a heartfelt statement. In it, she acknowledged all her mistakes and admitted that her decisions were far from right. She accepted that her way of conducting the events was not the most appropriate.

Karely Ruiz publicó un sentido comunicado en redes sociales en donde reconoció sus errores.
Karely Ruiz published a heartfelt statement on social networks that acknowledged her mistakes.

Through her Facebook account, Ruiz wrote the apology and published it to get back to her loyal audience and all the casual users who might have been disappointed in her after the controversy. What she wrote was the following:

“I just want to say that I am in my best moment, that’s why I disappeared for a while, but I am sorry for many things I said, and I want to apologize. I got carried away. I do not measure his words; I am very impulsive, but I accept my mistakes and want you to always be with me. I promise you that you motivate me a lot, and thank you for everything. I owe part of who I am right now to you”.

Some Internet users thought what she had done had been “disrespectful” anyway but accepted that it was “good to recognize mistakes.” Others immediately forgave her and asked her not to do it again. Meanwhile, others are hectic in networks trying to find for free the long-awaited video between Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan that belongs to the Only Fans platform.