Karely Ruiz and Peso Pluma spark dating speculation during an Instagram live interaction

Amid ongoing speculations, Monterrey model's surprise interaction sparks Peso Pluma's interest, hinting at a possible star-studded romance.

Karely Ruiz returned to bachelorhood two weeks ago after having a mediatic and brief romance with Santa Fe Klan. However, she has stated on social networks that she is still looking for a partner. Everything seems to indicate that she “already has her eye on” the singer of the moment, Peso Pluma, who apparently does not see with bad eyes to the singer from Monterrey, as he showed during a live show in which he was moved by a greeting from the OnlyFans star, so, as expected, rumors of a possible romance between the two celebrities were unleashed.

This unexpected encounter between Peso Pluma and Karely Ruiz originated because the singer of hits like “AMG,” “La Bebé,” and “Ella baila sola” made a live transmission through his official Instagram profile in which he was interacting with his millions of followers. Everything was going normally, however, at some point in the video, the model from Monterrey joined the transmission and immediately commented on the singer’s recording with the emoji of a surprised face.

Upon noticing Karely Ruiz’s interaction, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, as “La Doble P” is really called, was visibly excited, and even blushing and blushing, he only managed to say “Eh, qué rollo, ira’ nomas’, hola, hola ¡Vámonos recio!

After this small interaction, Peso Pluma continued for a few minutes with his live broadcast. However, Karely Ruiz did not make a single comment. Making the corrido singer nervous was enough to speculate that the two celebrities could start a romance.

As mentioned before, Karely Ruiz returned to bachelorhood after her brief but intense relationship with Santa Fe Klan, which only lasted a couple of weeks. Although they did not reveal the reasons for their estrangement, it is believed that it could have been caused by their respective and busy schedules because, before their breakup, both assured that things were flowing very well because they had connected perfectly since “they both came from the bottom.” However, they have also clarified that they are still friends.

Meanwhile, Peso Pluma is reportedly starting a relationship with Honduran model Dania Méndez, who recently has been very close to the singer because they filmed the video for the single “Bye,” it is also known that they took a trip together.

Neither of the two has confirmed their relationship, so it is believed that the musician’s relationship with the former participant of Acapulco Shore could be the key to avoiding a rapprochement with Karely Ruiz.