Karely Ruiz announces her breakup with Santa Fe Klan through social media

Monterrey's top influencer, Karely Ruiz, announced her split from Santa Fe Klan, leaving fans in a stir of comments and reactions.

After making a big splash, it looks like it’s all over between Santa Fe Klan and Karely Ruiz.

The controversial couple became a trend after sharing a musical collaboration and even an explicit video that flooded social networks; however, now everything is over.

As we told you in American Post News a few days ago, rumors that the relationship would have ended began to circulate, but it is until today that Karely Ruiz has confirmed this.

Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan confirm their separation.

Although they were seen as very affectionate together in the last few weeks, their love seems short-lived.

After they stopped publishing pictures together, rumors about their separation began appearing, and Karely confirmed it.

In a TikTok video, the influencer from Monterrey said she is single and in love with life.

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“Do you want to know if I have a boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m happy and single,” says Karely in the footage.

The video quickly went viral on social networks, and many users began to comment negatively on the influencer, claiming that since she hung on the fame of Santa Fe Klan, “it no longer serves her.” Now she has decided to abandon it.

“A la vrg no sabía q los amigos se daban bs en la boca sin ser nd alguien más sabía ?”, “Enamora del dinero y la fama”, “obvia que está feliz con tanto hombres donandote dinero todos los meses cualquiera es feliz!”, “yo soy tu novia bb”, “El Santa Fe.. wow”, “Todo era una historia entonces”, “Y Santa Fe donde lo dejaste eran amigos nada más”, “Enamorado de la vida (money)”, were some of the comments on networks.

Why did Karely Ruiz go viral?

Karely Ruiz became popular on social networks through her Onlyf4ns account
Karely Ruiz became popular on social networks through her Onlyf4ns account

Today she is one of the best-known influencers in Mexico. Still, her path began a few years ago after intimate material was leaked, which the young woman took advantage of to launch an Onlyf4ns account that began to have subscribers even without publishing content.

As a result, the celebrity decided to start with racy content; today, she is one of the most quoted in this industry, where she has become one of the highest paid along with Yanet Garcia and Celia Lora.