Karely Ruiz clarifies rumors about her kiss with rapper Santa Fe Klan

Karely addresses the controversy surrounding her kiss with Santa Fe Klan, clarifies relationship rumors, and speaks on friendship with his ex, Maya Nazor.

Over the weekend, Karely Ruiz gained attention, not for her usual social media posts showcasing her toned physique, but rather for becoming the talk of the town due to a passionate kiss she shared with rapper Santa Fe Klan.

It was during the presentation of Santa Fe Klan in one of the most important venues in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, when the controversial kiss occurred, and the controversy came because Karely Ruiz and Maya Nazor, who is the rapper’s ex-partner were supposedly friends, but the Only Fans model has already spoken about this and also clarifies whether or not she has an affair with the Guanajuato-born rapper.

Karely Ruiz breaks the silence

In social networks, Karely Ruiz has been criticized because the sensual woman kissed the ex-boyfriend of one of her supposed friends. For that reason, they have called the model “chapulina” and even “Panini,” the latter referring to Karla Panini, who betrayed her “best friend” Karla Luna.

But this has already tired Karely Ruiz, and that is why the regia spoke on social networks and made very clear the situation and the relationship she has with Santa Fe Klan, whether or not they are a couple, as well as her friendship with Maya Nazor.

And is that, first Karely spoke of the relationship with the former partner of Santa Fe Klan with whom a few months ago they exchanged comments on social networks and even threw compliments to each other. However, the woman who has succeeded in OnlyFans made it clear that she has no friends in this industry.

“My real friends are counted and excuse me if they are offended some that I comment and talk to them, but how can I be friends with a person I do not even know, I have never treated her and it is not that I justify myself, if I did it is because I wanted to, because I said, ‘what’s wrong?’, is a kiss and I kiss with my friends, I have kissed with friends, I did not see it wrong, “said Karely Ruiz

On the other hand, Karely Ruiz clarified that she does not see anything wrong with kissing a friend because both are single and did not disrespect anyone. Regarding the fact that they call her “Panini,” she does not care because while they criticize her, she continues to earn money.

“If I made out with the guy from HotSpanish so his girlfriend could win a car, why not make out with a friend? I don’t see it wrong… this was not planned girls, it just happened, I said, ‘it’s a kiss’, what’s up, I don’t owe anything to anyone and if they are going to keep calling me Panini, then tell me, Panini is billing, which is what matters in these times”, said the OF star.

Will she have a relationship with Santa Fe Klan?

In her statements, Karely Ruiz talked about the kiss she had with her friend Santa Fe Klan. Although she said that for the moment they are friends and that kisses are like glasses of water (they are not denied to anyone), she did not rule out having a relationship with the rapper.

And, according to Karely Ruiz herself, she liked kissing Santa Fe Klan: “I liked it, I liked it, do you want to hear that? Yes, I liked it, why not… I’m open to anything with anyone”.