Karely Ruiz is honest about her pregnancy: “I hadn’t wanted to say it”

The OnlyFans model, Karen Ruiz generated a great uproar on social networks, after he confessed in the middle of the live program that he is pregnanthowever, had not taken up the subject, so it was one of her followers who questioned her and to the surprise of everything in a video she showed her “tummy”.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that Karely Ruiz has become one of the most popular celebrities on the internet, thanks to her curvaceous figure and her controversial statements.

With what Karely Ruiz monopolized the gossip of the show business, it was with the alleged pregnancy that she confessed a few days ago, since it was not clear if it was a joke or she had already taken another step in her relationship with Pablo Cantú.

Is Karely Ruiz pregnant?

What did Karely Ruiz say about her pregnancy? How did Karely Ruiz become famous?

In the live program of “Es show”, where Karely Ruiz attended as a guest, she revealed that she is pregnant, causing great commotion among her followers, which is why she was questioned on social networks.

Showing her belly before the camera, the well-known Only Fans model indicated that she is four months pregnant and that she had not wanted to say it “because people take everything out of context, but I officially tell them that I am pregnant.”

Although his confession caused a great uproar in networks, then Karely Ruiz announced that it was all a joke: “No, don’t believe it, obviously not, but I would look pretty as a mommy.”

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How did Karely Ruiz become famous?

How did Karely Ruiz become famous?

It was thanks to the exclusive content platform Only Fans that Karely Ruiz rose to fame as a model and is currently considered one of the highest paid Mexicans on the site.

Recently Karely Ruiz was questioned about her income within Only Fans and although she did not reveal the exact amount, she said that she has approximately 10 thousand followers, who pay a subscription of approximately 320 pesos, for which it would be almost 3.2 million pesos per month.

Karen Ruiz She is already considered a celebrity on social networks, since she has also gone viral on several occasions, for supporting various social causes.

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