Karely Ruiz, star of OnlyFans, uncovered her tastes. Men or women?

Karen Ruiz has caught the attention of users, even its beauty has captured the gaze of gentlemen, as the star of onlyfans He has achieved popularity with his appearance in some videos on YouTube, as it happened in his recent participation in a channel.

And it is that, the influencer, who has shown her support for the LGBTI community, made it clear that she is part of sexual diversity and everything arose from a question that the youtuber rayitowho questioned him if he likes men or women more.

In AmericanPost.News We have shared with you what you should know about the influencer, although what has caused various reactions is that she has been seen dancing very sensually and kissing with women, but she confessed in the recent interview that she likes women and men.

Karely Ruiz described what she likes in a woman

The influencer likes women and men The influencer has added millions of followers on Instagram

The influencer did not hesitate to answer the youtuber’s question and replied: “Of the two, I like women who look like children, who look like children … I do not like that they are very cute, that they are not like me, I could not walk with one like that.” She expressed her.

“I’ve kissed girls.” The influencer commented.

The young woman said that she likes them with a masculine complexion, but confessed that to walk with a woman she commented: “To walk with one that seems like she is the man and I am the woman.” On the other hand, regarding men, the influencer said that she likes them ugly and younger than her.

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What is the real Instagram of Karely Ruiz?

The influencer has added millions of followers on Instagram

Due to the popularity of the young influencer, users have questioned which is the official Instagram account of the influencer Karely Ruiz, since it appears as “karelyruiz”, and has added more than 5 million followers

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