Karely Ruiz’s $11,100 gift mystery: Is Santa Fe Klan the lucky recipient after their Macrofest kiss?

Discover the truth behind the onstage kiss between Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan, and unravel the luxurious $11,100 Rolex gift mystery. Is love blossoming?

It has been a couple of weeks since Santa Fe Klan and Karely Ruiz kissed passionately on stage at Macrofest 2023, a moment that was recorded on video and caused a great furor among users of social networks, who began to speculate about a possible romance between the two celebrities.

To this situation was the controversy over the statements of the OnlyFans star, nicknamed “The New Panini,” for kissing the ex-partner of Maya Nazor, her friend on the Internet. From that moment on, rumors of a possible feud that also involved Valentina Quirós, who in the same way was related to the rapper, were unleashed.

However, Karely has clarified that she is not affected by what is said about her on social networks. She mentioned that she is a great friend of Santa Fe and has no problem kissing him, but that this does not imply a love relationship between them.

Karely Ruiz splurges on luxury in this gift.

Regalo Karely Ruiz // Facebook

Because in the last few days, she has shared very suspicious pictures next to the singer of ‘Debo Entender,’ some cybernauts are aware of all her movements. This is how they realized the luxurious gift she bought to give to a special person.

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It is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date watch with an approximate value of 11,100 dollars (approximately $199,503 MX). So far, it is not known to whom this luxurious gift was given, but it is suspected that it is for Santa Fe Klan.

Who is Santa Fe Klan’s girlfriend?

Sanra Fe Klan // Instagram
The rapper has been linked to several women since he ended his romance with Maya Nazor.

As American Post News mentioned, Santa Fe Klan has been single since he ended his romance with Maya Nazor, the mother of his son Luka. However, he has been linked to Valentina Quiros and Karely Ruiz, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

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