Karina Banda debuts as an actress alongside her husband Carlos Ponce for ‘Living La Vida Prime’

Charles Ponce Y Karina Band They are one of the most beloved couples in the world of entertainment by the Latin public. Both are about to embark to Turkey to record the reality show “La Isla Enamoranos” but before they made a mini-novel titled “Living La Vida Prime”. In this telenovela by Karina, she makes her acting debut alongside her husband, celebrating the Amazon Prime Day which will be July 12 and 13.

Before the premiere of the mini-novela, we were able to speak with Carlos about the project so that he could tell us about his experience working with his wife.

“’Living La Vida Prime’ seemed like a very fun dynamic from the first approach,” Ponce told us. “The fact that I had the opportunity to work for the first time with Karina, acting as a farce of a real life, because it is us, but there is an alter ego called Charlie (nickname that Karina has for him in real life)“.

Carlos noted that Karina “was nervous” about her acting debut as she “takes all of her jobs very seriously.” However, the actor said that life next to her is not “by the book” and little by little he has learned to let go and let go.

“It is always something strange when you are with your wife and in front of people you have to be in a bed lying down,” Ponce said. “In a way, you feel like that moment is so intimate but you’re sharing it. I have always been an extremely private person with my intimacy but from time to time I share these things and I have learned to be less stiff.

Amazon Prime Day is celebrated on July 12 and 13 where Amazon Prime members can take advantage of 48 hours of the deals of their dreams and epic savings on millions of items in all categories.

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