Karina Banda revealed new details of her departure from ‘Enamorandonos USA’ and assured she dealth with anxiety

The Mexican presenter Karina Banda is going through radical changes in her professional life. Everything was generated from the moment they made it known to her that she had to leave the host of the program ‘Enamorándonos USA.’

During an interview on the podcast “¿Y Ahora, Pa’ Dónde?” she expressed that she felt that life “shook” her with that determination. She also made it known that she will be part of the new project, ‘Isla de Enamorándonos,’ where only those who have been in the previous one can participate, while the winners must get married.

“Just the day that Ana Gabi invited me to the podcast was the day that I said goodbye to the program that I had been doing for seven months, everything was going very well, but my bosses had another project for me, although it was exciting, the fact of losing your stability … I already had my routine, and they came and moved everything, I already felt happy, the people, in my comfort zone, receiving this news shook me,“ said the Mexican.

After the decision that the directors had made about the channel, she explained that she was involved in anxiety and that approximately two years ago, she was so affected that she had to attend therapy to try to find a solution.

“Unfortunately, I am a person who wants to control everything. Is part of me, and between everything I want to control, sometimes I can not control my feelings or thoughts, “he said.

The winner of six Emmy awards expressed that it is not the first time that she has gone through such a case. However, this was no reason for her not to feel affected.

This race is super unstable, it’s very strong because it’s a roller coaster… This had happened to me before, but it never ceases to surprise you and cause you this anxiety that is one of the things I have had to face… Entering my 30s, I realized that it is something horrible, it is like pressure in the chest, and you also feel like you’re short of breath. It’s very rare anguish,” said the wife of singer Carlos Ponce.