Karina Banda reveals why she was chosen to replace Ana Patricia Gámez in “Enamorándonos USA”

Karina Banda is happy with the new job that will begin this August in the United States as the host of “EnamorándonosUSA”, after the departure of Ana Patricia Gamez to spend more time with your family.

The regiomontana confesses how the show will change her life and what Raúl “El Gordo” de Molina and Lili Estefan told her when she told them that she would leave “El Gordo y la Flaca”.

How did this opportunity arise?

“The public sowed the thorn in me, they began to “tague” me: ‘Karina, you are perfect for that show, Karina, Karina, Karina!’. Well, the day I came I had an incredible time, literally, I came to have fun and they liked it, I liked it, so the rest is history.”

How did you feel about leaving “El Gordo y la Flaca”?

“They are always difficult decisions to make, and honestly I was on a show that is also well loved so it was like wow, what do I do? Imagine when you have these two incredible things at your fingertips, right? But hey, Carlos (Ponce, her husband) always told me ‘since you’re ready, let’s go for more!’, And I said ‘well, it goes!'”

What did Lili and Raúl tell you?

“When I told Raúl, he said, ‘Are you really leaving? But Karina !!!! You’re a big part of the show, what are we going to do? ‘ But when I told him it was “Falling in love”, he said ‘Oh, that show is doing very well! And he beats such and such and such, hahaha! ‘, And I’ yes! ‘, He says’ Karina, I think it’s a very good opportunity ‘, and then my Lili also told me’ My Karinita, ¿What are we going to do without you? “

“But no, they support me, and likewise (the production) they told me ‘Karina, the’ Gordo y la Flaca ‘will always be your house, anytime you want to come back here is your house'”.

This show changes your life, doesn’t it?

“It is a challenge, it is a challenge for me because Anita did an excellent job, and personally I already agreed with Carlos, I told him: ‘My love! Look, we have to make some changes to the schedules. Now in the morning you and I share, we go to the gym together, to have breakfast, and you leave all your work for the afternoon, because now I work in the afternoon and we have to spend time together, because we are just married and the marriage does not know can neglect’.”

And Carlos wants a girl, right?

“We both want a girl, then, but imagine! Give me tips so that I can get the girl!”

“I am excited about this new stage in my career. It starts in August, I still can’t tell you the exact date, but you have to be very vigilant because really there are going to be many ‘yes, yes!’ I can promise you that ”.