Karol G and Anahí from RBD, two sexy cowgirls who seduced the Mexico City Arena

Karol G, Colombian singer.

Karol G, Colombian singer.

Photo: Maria Alejandra Cardona/ Reuters. / GrosbyGroup

The Colombian women Carol G continues to ravage his Bichota Tour Reloaded. Now the stop was Arena Mexico Citywhere the bichota moved his fans by presenting surprise on stage to Anahí, former RBD singer. Both seduced those present with some cowgirl outfits, their movements and ended up crying together on stage and dedicating messages to each other in Twitter.

“Save me” It was the song that welcomed the star of RBD, Anahí. The same that popularized the song with the group almost 15 years ago. For a long time Anahí has ​​been away from the stage. However, tonight she shone with joy and gave her all her thanks to the bichota Carol G not only on stage, but later in Twitter.

walking off the stage Anahí was waiting for her husband Manuel Velasco coello. To whom she jumped into her arms with indescribable joy. For many years, some media have speculated that it was the politician himself who did not allow Anahí to sing. This is a sign that it is not so and he was there to applaud and welcome her after her success. Of course, she also had a few seconds to talk to Carol G in the midst of excitement.

Both hugged each other, Anahí was trembling visibly and with a smile that was difficult to erase. Minutes later, Carol G, Manuel Velasco coello Y Anahí immortalized the night with a photo they posted on Instagram.

Subsequently, Karol G wrote on Twitter: “I love you Anahi. I love you in the purest, most real and genuine way. Today you fulfilled my dream and that of a whole generation… That stage tonight was completely yours and my heart too!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!”

Anahí He responded with the same love: “What we live together and what we build together is never forgotten.” TATTOOED ON MY SOUL @Anahi 💙”, referring to the concert at the Arena Mexico City.

In addition, he also gave a few words to all the fans of Carol G and RBD respectively who attended the Bichota Reloaded Tour on the Mexico City. I don’t even know how to explain… They gave my heart 100 years of life. I will never forget @karolg”. Without a doubt it has been one of the most exciting moments of the Bichota Tour Reloaded.

Let’s remember that the bichota He also had other guests such as Andrés Cepeda in Bogotá, Colombia. La Mosca in Argentina, and so it has continued until today to have one of the most beloved actresses and singers for many guest generations, Anahí.

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