Karol G and Feid miss a detail that exposes them and could confirm their relationship

Karol G, Colombian singer.

Karol G, Colombian singer.

Photo: Jason Koerner. /Getty Images

Despite the bichota He does not stop reaping successes and raising passions on stage with his unusual dental floss, his love life is still on the lips of many. One more time, Karol G and Feid gave proof that they could be together and in a relationship.

pheid rode a story in Instagram where he was seen wearing a black cap and, minutes later, Carol G He did the same for her without noticing that Feid’s cap was in the photo very close to Feid’s face. the bichota. This could check your relationship or simply that, between them the close friendship that we have already seen is maintained.

However, this is not the first test or detail that could verify the relationship of both. They have also worn the same jackets and hoodies. we already know that Carol G ride the wave of oversized and so pheid he’s already too big for what the bichota I was fascinated wearing his clothes.

Recently pheid uploaded a video singing the song Sundada Sun given and Karol G’s fans practically begged for it to be dedicated to La Bichota. After how he ended the relationship with Anuel AA and the surprising relationship of the trap singer with the Dominican Yailin The Most Viralhas not been seen with anyone in a Colombian romance plan.

The only person with whom Carol G could be related to a little more evidence at this time is with Feid. There are also photos in the same place, at different times in the house where La Bichota is residing in the city of The Angels. They will wonder why the singer did not make this relationship known if there is one. Simple, her message of individuality and female empowerment added to her busy schedule, would not be the right time to do it.

However, we know as well as his fans, that Carol G when he falls in love he gives all his heart. So we saw it with Anuel AA at the time and were even engaged. Until today, it is said that they would have broken up because of the tight schedules and because her success brought about different discussions. The good news is that both have their careers in a good moment.

pheid For his part, he provided all the support in terms of musical production to Carol G in his new success provence. The same that is leading digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and of course Youtubewhere the video has 120 million views.

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