Karol G and her rumored boyfriend Feid go out like ghosts covered with tablecloths to avoid the paparazzi

Karol G and Feid were discovered on a romantic date in Spain and would have fled covered with tablecloths to avoid being seen.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Celebrities have gone to extreme lengths to remain inconspicuous by resorting to costumes and wigs or hiding in car trunks and trunks, as Taylor Swift is rumored to have done, as long as no one sees them.

Karol G traveled to Spain a few days ago to participate in the Gay Pride celebrations in Madrid and took advantage of his visit to explore the city a bit, although as expected, he did not manage to go unnoticed.

The problem is that she was accompanied by the singer Feid, with whom it is rumored that she could have an affair for months. Neither of them has confirmed it at the moment and that explains why they did not like the idea of ​​being photographed together during what seemed to be clearly a romantic dinner.

When they realized that the paparazzi were waiting for them at the door of the restaurant and that there would be no way to avoid them, Karol and Feid decided to borrow some tablecloths and put them over them before going outside.

Although it was an extreme measure, they managed to prevent any photograph of them together from leaking out on the short walk they had to travel to the van that was waiting for them.