Karol G announces her new song ‘Cairo’ will premiere on November 13, and offers a preview of the video made in Egypt

Karol G drove her fans crazy after announcing that she will release a new song in the next few days

Karol G shared with the world the news that millions and millions of her followers were waiting for: the Colombian singer finally announced her next promotional song, ‘ Cairo.’

The release date of this song is November 13, and the singer has already published part of the video, which was filmed in that Egyptian city. In the short clip, the Colombian singer is seen traveling in a bus toward the famous Egyptian pyramids, and part of the song can be heard.

Te quedas o te vas, ya tu veras” (You stay or you go, you’ll see) is what Karol G sings in this little preview of the song and the music video. A few minutes after its premiere, the Colombian singer has gotten more than 14,000 reactions on Instagram and thousands of comments from her fans.

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Karol G announced this song a few days after finishing her tour in the United States. After concluding that tour in which she lived great moments, the Colombian singer dedicated a message to her millions of fans.

I lived these last two months most intensely, and consciously I have ever lived… 33 shows between the United States and Canada, 33 SOLD OUT shows, and more than half a million people that we enjoyed together like never before, whole families, children, adults, old people. ALL dancing and enjoying life in the same place… I have to say that I have the most beautiful audience, the one that sings the most, the one that dances the most, the ones that scream the loudest, the most special… I loved the costumes, the flowers, the gifts, the signs, the times they didn’t let me sing because they yelled nice things at me, the times they made me cry with love, and they cried with me, and the happiness that everyone radiated in that place“, was part of what she said.