Karol G appears recovered and showing off burning dental floss

Karol G shows off his rear with cheeky dental floss – Photo: David Becker. / Getty Images

After her spectacular fall was recorded on video, Karol G made a triumphal entry into her concert in Puerto Rico where, without any mishap, Karol G sang her hits with a fiery red dental floss and made it clear that some stairs could not collapse the “Bichota” despite the injuries which she showed after her heavy fall.

With a bodysuit very similar to a cream-colored one that she had been wearing as straps, Karol G danced and wiggled. In addition, the Colombian did her entire show without denoting for one minute that she had some kind of pain, like prior to having literally “rolled” down the steps at her concert in Miami.

This time, The Makinón put more soul, life and heart in her performance. In fact, Karol G entered the venue accompanied by her team and seemed more empowered than ever, but above all, with her head held high. No doubt Karol G is a hard-working woman and above all, very strong.

As for whether the playback continued to play at her concert while she was singing, neither she nor her representatives have made any statements about it. But, it is known that sometimes singers do use their voice, but it is reinforced with another playback voice to give it more power, especially when the venues are very large. So if so, Karol G I would not be the only artist who would have used this technique.

Let’s remember that in the middle of the tour, Karol G “Sold out” his tour and Miami was the first city where tickets were sold out in record time. This is the first tour of Karol G that it performs on its own and there is no doubt that, with or without a fall, with dental floss and without it, the “Bichota Tour“ has been a total and absolute success.

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