Karol G covering up Anuel AA tattoo: a symbol of strength and overcoming

Karol G transforms a reminder of Anuel AA into a vibrant tattoo symbolizing strength, overcoming, and artistry, capturing fans' admiration globally.

Colombian singer Karol G recently surprised her fans by showing on social networks that she had covered up the huge tattoo with the face of her ex-boyfriend, Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA. The couple had a very mediatic relationship that culminated in engagement in 2019 but ended in March 2021.

The tattoo that Karol G decided to modify was located on her back and showed Anuel AA’s face in profile. It was a large design that covered the singer’s entire back. After their breakup, Karol G transformed it into a stunning design of knives, flowers, and a broken heart.

The love story between Karol G and Anuel AA

Karol G and Anuel AA began their love relationship and musical collaboration in 2018. They soon became one of the most mediatic couples in the urban genre. Their interactions on social networks and video clips full of romanticism conquered their fans.

In 2019, the couple announced their engagement after the song “Secreto” was released. Karol G proudly showed the engagement ring on her social networks. Soon after, Anuel AA tattooed Karol G’s huge portrait on his back as a sign of his great love for her.

However, in 2021, the couple surprised by announcing their definitive separation. Although they did not reveal the reasons, it was rumored that the distance and their busy work schedules had deteriorated the relationship.

Karol G covers up her tattoo after the breakup

After the breakup, Anuel AA decided to cover up several tattoos alluding to Karol G, including the one on his hand with the name “Carolina.” However, the huge portrait on his back remained intact.

For his part, Karol G continued to wear his engagement ring and the tattoo on his hand with the initials of Anuel AA. This led many fans to speculate about a possible reconciliation of the couple.

However, in mid-2022, the Colombian surprised by posting a video where it is appreciated that she covered Anuel AA’s facial tattoo with a stunning design of knives and flowers. “Bye,” Karol G simply wrote next to the clip.

Karol G’s new tattoo

The tattoo covering Anuel AA’s old facial design consists of a heart split in the top center. From it, daggers or knives emerge and fall down Karol G’s back.

The daggers have a floral design, with details of flowers and plants that provide color to the tattoo. According to experts, it would have been a design that required multiple sessions and cost several thousand dollars.

For many fans, this tattoo symbolizes Karol G’s strength to overcome the breakup, as well as her willingness to let go of the past and move forward. Likewise, it demonstrates her ability to transform a painful experience into art.

Reactions to the new tattoo

Karol G’s tattoo quickly made headlines in the entertainment media and social networks. Fans praised the quality of the design and highlighted the meaning of strength it conveys.

“That woman is pure inspiration and empowerment,” “She broke it with that tattoo. It looks spectacular,” and “A symbol of overcoming” were some of the most repeated comments by the Colombian’s followers.

For his part, Anuel AA has not publicly commented on the tattoo modification. The singer deleted almost all the photos he had with Karol G on his Instagram profile. However, in his live presentations, he still wears the portrait of his ex-fiancee on his back.

Karol G continues her successful career

After her love breakup, Karol G has fully focused on her music career. Her album “KG0516” became the most awarded album of her career, and her singles have broken records.

Likewise, her world tour, “Bichota Tour,” has sold out all the countries she has visited. Karol G is increasingly consolidating her position as one of the top exponents of the urban genre at a global level.

With her powerful and renewed tattoo, the singer definitively leaves behind her past with Anuel AA. Now, she looks to the future to continue reaping success with her talent.