Karol G faces a $3 million lawsuit from René Lorente over alleged copyright infringement in “Don’t Be Shy”

Cuban-American René Lorente accuses Karol G of copyright breach; lawsuit contrasts her fame and recent accolades in the music industry.

In a surprising turn of events, Cuban-American musician and composer René Lorente has filed a lawsuit against Colombian urban singer Karol G for alleged copyright infringement. The suit, lodged in the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, centers on the song “Don’t Be Shy,” a collaboration between Karol G and DJ Tiesto.

Allegations of Song Similarities

Lorente claims that the track borrows heavily from his 1998 composition titled “Algo Diferente.” The court documents, released by authorities, highlight the plaintiff’s request for $3 million in damages, citing “mental distress, humiliation, damage to reputation, and embarrassment.”

The lawsuit emphasizes, “Through a detailed analysis of both songs’ musical, lyrical, and structural elements, it has been determined that undeniable significant similarities exist, far beyond the boundaries of common influence or mere coincidence.” The document further accentuates the rarity of coincidences in the artistic domain, stating, “Any resemblance that is derived in full is sheer plagiarism, a copy, a theft, an infringement of the copyright holder’s rights.”

The report supports Lorente’s claims and identifies “distinctive melodic elements, harmonic progressions, and lyrical structures that certify a direct relationship between both compositions.” It concludes that ” substantial evidence supports allegations of copyright infringement, unauthorized use, mutilation of the work, and both moral and monetary damages.”

This is what René Lorente’s song sounds like:

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Karol G’s Rising Stardom Amidst the Controversy

While these allegations have emerged, Karol G’s career has been on an upward trajectory. On June 23rd, she received the Top Crossover Song award for “Don’t Be Shy” at the third edition of the Tu Música Urbano Awards and eight other accolades. Furthermore, her latest album, “Mañana será bonito (Bichota Season),” released on August 11th, coincided with her U.S. tour. This tour kicked off in Las Vegas and took her across major nationwide stadiums.

Worth noting, Karol G, known for hits like “Provenza,” “A Ella,” “El Makinon,” and “Tusa,” has embarked on the highest-grossing North American tour by a Latina artist ever. She also secured a spot on Pollstar’s list of the top ten most successful global tours with her “$trip Love Tour.”

The lawsuit presents a contrasting shade to her illustrious career, and how it will impact the singer’s future endeavors remains to be seen.