Karol G fans can now game with her avatar in PUBG Mobile and customize WhatsApp in ‘Bichota’ mode

Karol G's vibrant persona through PUBG Mobile's latest character addition and unlock the 'Bichota' mode for a customized WhatsApp.

Karol G became a character in PUBG Mobile, a popular mobile video game whose album, “Mañana será bonito,” inspired the interface. The singer and the game announced that users could purchase items through a pack that includes cosmetics.

“It’s the first time I have an avatar in a video game that even has a voice pack that I recorded myself,” the singer stated on her social networks.

How Karol G looks like in PUBG

This collaboration comes weeks after the release of the reggaetonera’s most recent album. For that reason, there will be two skins of the singer in the game. One will have a skirt and a black leather T-shirt, accompanied by some chains.

The second outfit available is a red one-piece, also in leather, which she recently wore on tours and events.

“It was imperative that my avatar reflects who I am. My style, my personality. I’m strong, and I’m spicy. My fans know me, and I wanted my avatar to be authentic,” she said of her character in the game.

La cantante tendrá una mochila, un casco, un paracaídas y un llavero inspirado en ella.
The singer will have a backpack, a helmet, a parachute, and a keychain inspired by her.

In addition to the two appearances, the pack features a parachute, helmet, backpack, and keychain with designs inspired by the singer. Finally, a voice pack with three phrases from Karol G in English is added since the game does not have Spanish voices and two unique dances.

The other components are coins and tickets, part of the in-game money to unlock other cosmetic content.

To get all these items, buying mini boxes inside the Karol G Box is necessary. However, the chances of getting the skin of the Colombian are quite low, so it is important to consider before spending money because everything depends on chance.

Besides the aesthetic content, PUBG Mobile will feature mini-games inspired by the reggaetonera, although there are no details about how this section will be in the game.

La cantante hace parte del videojuego PUBG Mobile.
The singer is part of the PUBG Mobile video game.

How to activate “La Bichota” mode on WhatsApp

Fans of Colombian singer Karol G can now customize their WhatsApp in ‘Bichota’ mode by following these simple steps:

1. On the cell phone, go to the app store (Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS).

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2. Search and download the ‘Nova Launcher application.

3. open it and set it as the default launcher once downloaded and installed. This will allow you to customize the appearance of the phone.

4. Next, the WhatsApp icon on the phone’s home screen should be pressed and held. This will open a menu of options.

5. From the menu, select the option to change the WhatsApp icon.

6. A list of available icons will appear. Search for an image of Karol G or an image related to her. The platform allows you to use an image you already have on your phone or download one from the Internet.

7. Select the image you want to use as a WhatsApp icon and confirm your choice.

8. Once the icon has been changed, open the WhatsApp application.

9. In the WhatsApp settings, look for the option to customize the wallpaper.

10. Choose the default WhatsApp image or any other image related to Karol G as wallpaper.

11. If you want to take customization to the next level, you can also look for the option to customize the keyboard in WhatsApp settings. There you can add an image of Karol G as the keyboard background.