Karol G gives away a briefcase with a thousand dollars in cash to the fan who delivers everything on stage

The singer Karol G gives a great gift to her fans in the shows she offers during her ‘Strip Love Tour’.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Singer Karol G on September 6 started a new tour called ‘Strip Love Tour’, thus being the first that she does with her striking hair color such as the red that has accompanied her for a few weeks. In addition, it will end on October 29.

On this occasion something quite particular happens, and that is why his fans in recent days have gone crazy because now there is a dynamic in which those present they will be able to go on stage to dance the songs to the rhythm of the Colombian, as a reward they end up giving him a thousand dollars in cash immediately.

Kelvin was the lucky winner last Monday, although he had the opportunity to take home that grand prize after dancing to ‘La Batidora’ by Don Omar, and it was on stage where he managed to leave his “forbidden” steps until he earned a briefcase full of dollars. In turn, he is the second man who consecutively achieves it.

“In Newark the winner of the 1,000 USD was @kelvindasaniel. He had all the attitude and the paint. Could it be that another man will win at Madison Square Garden?…. Come on then bichotos why in the last two cities the men have kept everything. LEAVE YOUR COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO GO ON THE NEXT SHOW”, was the message that accompanied the post.

The reactions to this award were immediate, and it is that immediately there were several impressions that were presented with the aim of getting up on the stage to do everything in their power and take that great gift to their homes.

Will it be that in the Madison if they can upload me? I have the prohibited steps ready”, “Me in San Diego”, “I want to go to Las Vegas pleaseeee”, “I wannain Miami I take out the prohibited steps”, “Ready for tomorrow”, “I want to go to San Diego”, “I am going to the show on the 15th at the Barclays in Brooklyn please”, “I want in Orlando”, “I in Sacramento“Were some of the comments.

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