Karol G has provoked a crowd and paralyzes the streets in Colombia

Karol G conquers his followers with sensual and daring videos.

Photo: Rich Fury for dcp / Getty Images

Singer Karol G caused tremendous surprise among her fans, after she was shown through the streets of Sabaneta, Colombia where little by little and when she was recognized a crowd around her has been generated that has only been left to get on the roof of the car in the Who was traveling.

And it is that everything indicates that the visit to one of the smallest municipalities in Colombia, has been due to the interpreter of “Cob“,”200 cups” and “Boat”He wanted to try the typical food of the place so he visited a restaurant.

But because she has been recognized for her unique look of blue hair, denim jeans, an oversized shirt and a white cap, before this the locals have begun to surround her with extreme emotion and the word has spread among those present to such an extent that the streets have been paralyzed in all directions.

In a video that has been shared on Twitter by the user Juan Alcaraz, it is possible to appreciate the energy that was lived at that time that has had “La Bichota”With his fans, always showing himself in the best disposition and spirit, he climbed on the roof of a vehicle to be able to greet everyone from there.

Without a doubt, Karol G is going through an important moment in his career because just a few days ago he had the opportunity to present his tour with a sold-out crowd before more than 60,000 attendees who never stopped chanting his greatest hits.

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