Karol G is not afraid to show her cellulite and uploads a photo in a bikini without retouching

Karol G performing at the 2022 Coachella Festival.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

If there is one thing we can say for sure, it is that Karol G is very proud of her body, so she is not afraid to show her figure with bikinis or very tight clothes. And in one of her latest publications, the singer has shown that She also has no problem showing off her cellulite.

In a carousel of five photos, The “Bichota” was shown in a tiny black swimsuit, which showed her figure naturally and without retouching. With different poses that people normally avoid on social networks so as not to show the normal belly that appears when we sit down or bend over.

One of the photos also shows the singer from the back, fearlessly showing the cellulite on her buttocks. and legs in the foreground. Although the description does not say anything more than “I was with someone, but I’m free”, Karol G is showing that cellulite is something natural in the human body.

“Natural and without Photoshop” and “I love your naturalness” are some of the comments from his followers who applauded that the singer is not afraid to show herself as she is.

Nevertheless, It is not the first time that the Colombian is shown in this way, since she has already mounted photos where her cellulite is seen on several occasions. She has even posed for Vogue with little makeup.

“Feeling comfortable as we really are is something we struggle with every day, how we “should” look, or should see ourselves according to the social standard…. Value who we are above how we look. were the words of Karol G on this subject.

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