‘Ta OK’: the potential global hit from Colombian artists Karol G and Maluma

Speculations arise as Instagram posts tease a fresh, rhythmic 'perreo' by Colombian sensations, making fans worldwide anticipate a hit.

If we talk about two of the most important Colombian artists today, we have to mention Carolina Giraldo Navarro and Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known in the artistic world as Karol G and Maluma, respectively.

These Antioquians have become worldwide icons for their music, positioned within the most important digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

Undoubtedly, both have left the flag of Colombia at the top, and their musical careers are going through the best of times, making them part and ambassadors of the best brands in the world and have toured around the world.

Although each one shines individually and individually, everything seems to indicate that soon they will launch a musical collaboration together, something that will undoubtedly be a worldwide hit.

The videos that would prove the musical collaboration between Karol G and Maluma

Both artists are quite active on their social networks, especially on Instagram, where they share daily details of their personal and professional life. There, both recently decided to share a curious video of what apparently will be their new song together.

For her part, the ‘Bichota’ shared a video in which she was shown enjoying an unfamiliar song and only posted a message that said ‘Ta OK’ while smiling in front of her cell phone screen and subsequently taking a photo with flash.


Maluma, instead, shared a video in which you see the screen of his cell phone and WhatsApp, in it shows some audio sent by this platform, and when you click on them begins to play a song also not known. However, the song’s lyrics are heard more clearly in this recording.

Apparently, this would be the next collaboration between Karol G and Maluma, and it would be called ‘Ta OK.’ From what we can hear, it will be a perreo and have that essence of dembow.

Karol G and Maluma’s first collaboration

Although you may not suddenly remember it, Karol G and Maluma already a collaboration together. This one is called ‘Créeme,’ a song released in 2019 that exceeds 660 million views on YouTube.

Undoubtedly this news of the possible collaboration between the two from Antioquia has their followers excited, as they consider that a joint between the two will be a worldwide success.