Karol G perrea very closely and not with Anuel AA but with Feid

Karol G perrea very closely and not with Anuel AA but with Feid
Karol G invited Feid and not Anuel AA to sing and dance with her.

Photo: Ethan Miller. / Getty Images

La Bichota Karol G is still news despite having already finished its Bichota Tour through various cities in the United States and of course, his native Colombia. Place where he even sang a Vallenato for his countrymen. Now, the singer is on everyone’s lips for Karol G having dogged very closely with Feid and not with Anuel AA, who was the protagonist of these sexy dances next to the Colombian.

Wearing one of his customary dental floss and a loose sweatshirt, Karol G turned on his back and beat the also reggaeton Feid, who did not sit idly by but responded with sensual movements, thus heating up the stage. However, many asked that it be Anuel AAIt is no secret to anyone that fans of “the little babies” love to see them together.

Just recently Karol G sang with Anuel AA at El Coliseo de Puerto Rico, when he appeared on the stage and surprised his ex, who was left speechless. Later, in the singer’s dressing room, both Karol G and Anuel AA decided to turn the page as a couple and become very good friends.

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Karol G finished his successful Bichota Tour and when he was halfway through it he had already exhausted several of the places where he would sing. It has been one of the most successful tours of any Hispanic artist, after the pandemic and we are sure that more will come. If there is something that fits The Makinón it is career and successes ahead.

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