Goodbye red, hello fabulous: Karol G’s pink hair transformation before Saturday Night Live

Karol G unveils stunning pink hair on SNL, fans applaud change, and she takes a stand against beauty stereotypes with a powerful message.

Red is a thing of the past: Karol G said goodbye to this color that accompanied her since July of last year and now enjoys her hair in a pink tone that has captivated internet users in a short time.

Before her presentation on Saturday Night Live, the Colombian showed off a photo in which her hair is much pinker than red but still with flashes of that color that accompanied her for several months. In a new publication, after going to the show, she already enjoys her hair completely pink, without any trace of the intense red.

Her loyal fans have turned to leave messages in which they approve of this new look of the Colombian who has already accustomed them to the frequent change. Her most radical change was when she painted her hair in that turquoise blue that, for years, captivated the public and became a personal trademark of the artist. This was replaced for a few months by red and now gives way to light pink, which combines with the artist’s vibe since the release of her fourth album ‘Mañana será bonito.’

The publication of the Colombian, in just 30 minutes, got more than 1 million likes on Instagram.

The photos that the singer of ‘Provenza’ lovingly published were captured from Saturday Night Live, where she collaborated in a humorous performance teaching Spanish to the rhythm of reggaeton and sent a strong message to GQ magazine after editing the photos of her that they published on their cover even without the approval of the artist.

The word “Photoshop” enclosed in a circle of prohibition was what Karol G wore on her shirt, making it very clear that she will never agree with digital retouching that changes the way people look.

The singer raised her voice for her and all the women who fight against the beauty stereotypes imposed by society and struggle to accept themselves as they are.