Karol G in Colombia to sing for inmates in a Medellín prison

  • Singer Karol G appears behind bars in the middle of a prison in Medellín, Colombia
  • However, he was not there for committing a crime, but for a charity.
  • He sang and lived with the inmates, in an act of humility that many applaud

The international singer Karol G, known as ‘el Makinón’ or ‘La Tusa’ and ex-girlfriend of Anuel AA, recently had an accident at a concert, as she fell when taking a wrong step, she returns to the ‘eye of the hurricane’ when she appears after the bars from a prison in Medellín, in his native Colombia, but not for committing a crime but for doing a good deed with all the inmates of the place, according to information from the Meganoticias portal.

Go that the singer has the gift of attracting attention wherever she goes, not for nothing has she been nicknamed ‘the Makinón’, this artist has won the hearts of millions of people for her incredible voice that have led to great successes , which is why all his concerts are crowded by young people who identify with his themes.


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However, he has also had some ‘stumbles’ and one of them literally, because a few days ago a video where he fell from the stairs during a concert in Miami, went viral for several reasons, the first of them because people She criticized that only one of the dancers came to help her, but after several seconds of being lying on the floor.

In addition, they criticized both her wardrobe and her shoes, high heels and platforms, who came to consider that this was the reason for the wrong step that the artist took when going down the stairs while singing a song. The video caused laughter, mockery and other sarcastic comments towards him, but a few others were supportive.


The Makinón
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According to information provided by the news portal, the singer put aside her glamor and decided to go to jail to spend a bit of time with the inmates. The ex-girlfriend of the also singer Anuel AA, set out to please her internal audience and sang to them in a joyful way that all the women thanked her.

This event was organized by Fundación Acción Interna, directed by the actress Johana Bahamon, and took place in the Pedregal Prison, where Carolina Giraldo, so the regetonera took time to threaten the stay of the women, while removing the pressure from the resumption of her concerts and the separation from her boyfriend. Filed Under: Karol G Prison Colombia


Ex-girlfriend Anuel AA
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The singer’s simplicity was so much that she did not show showy attire or expensive shoes or her group of dancers, but was dressed very simply, so much so that her audience thanked her with smiles and lots of shouts. She sang several of her hits and taught the inmates her boldest and flashiest moves at her concerts.

The presentation did not have more luxuries as in other places, the Colombian singer climbed on a makeshift wooden platform, dressed in a white blouse and jeans, and always showed a good attitude towards the visit with the inmates, even “La Tusa” He saw fit to take a selfie with dozens of them who were waiting for that moment. To see video click here. Filed Under: Karol G Prison Colombia


Karol G jail Colombia
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All were pleased, the organizers, the singer and even the inmates who did not stop chanting their songs and smiling in the presence of the star. Given this, those in charge of the event published all the moments on the official account of the organization as a way of thanking them for the visit of a tremendous star.

With a written message, they expressed their gratitude: “Thank you Karol G for supporting the second chances, yesterday was an incredible day. Karol G inspired our prison population with messages of optimism, hope, compassion, shared stories of his life, his songs and all his empathy to the fullest ”. Filed Under: Karol G Prison Colombia


La Tusa
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The visit of Anuel AA’s ex-boyfriend turned crazy, because as if it were a movie, the inmates got into an uproar and behind bars stretched out their hands to get to touch her, ask for an autograph or even take a picture with her, at the same time. that the artist happily agreed and always showed happiness to be with them.

The inmates also had a gesture of gratitude towards ‘El Makinón’ since some of them gave her a pair of Jordan sports shoes as well as a rag doll, among other gifts that she humbly accepted. The visit was a success, but it is unknown if he will ever have a gesture in a place similar to this one. Filed Under: Karol G Prison Colombia


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Immediately people recognized this act of humility and said: “Johana, what a tremendous woman you have become … in truth, the work you have been doing is very admirable, what a berraquera!”, “Some true influencers of love, peace and second opportunities ”,“ I feel very happy, yes to second chances ”,“ you are an example to follow, thank you for making this society a little better! ”.

“How do you give 100 likes to this publication? Great “,” you are a woman to admire, thank you thank you for this beautiful work “,” oh no, I really did have tears from seeing this post, thank you very much for your work and continue to believe that we all deserve second chances ” , “I love that type of work with the people who need it”, were other expressions of the people. Filed Under: Karol G Prison Colombia

Karol G prison Colombia: WHY DO THEY WANT TO BE LIKE HER?

The Makinón
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Many people joined the act of solidarity of ‘La Tusa’: “Divinas my heart grows with such beauty and humility, what a pair of extraordinary women … there are no words to describe this Colombian pride”, “What a beautiful job, my total admiration SOS a woman that many admire as a heroine capable of restoring hope to those who had already lost it ”.

“I don’t like their music, but I applaud this kind of action”, “those are the people who put their soul into it … you just have to be … a human being”, “my total admiration”, “I want to be like you”, ” Everything they do for them is beautiful, God bless her ”,“ Beautiful women with big hearts ”, were other expressions from the public of the singer known as ‘El Makinón’.

Karol G prison Colombia: WHY DID PEOPLE SURRIVE TO THEM?

Ex-girlfriend Anuel AA
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The public fell at his feet: “Thank you Karol for that gesture for those women who are deprived of their freedom, it is a respite for them and more so for this Christmas season. God bless you love, for that you are very bright and God will always thank him, blessings Karol G “,” little girl !!! You are a very great human being, your heart said well Annuel is from another planet! God bless your life greatly ”.

“Well just to say that it is very beautiful to see people reap joy in what they sow with tears, I congratulate you Karolg”, “what a humility of a woman and an artist, I love her”, “spectacular … without words … gestures like these are priceless” , “You are the best there are no words to describe you”, “you are the girl with the most, that’s why life and God bless you”, more people told her.


Karol G jail Colombia
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After rumors of an alleged courtship with soccer player James Rodríguez, although everything seems to indicate that he returned with Anuel AA, Colombian singer Karol G suffers a spectacular fall in the middle of a concert that he offered at the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida. Several Instagram accounts shared the painful moment in which the so-called Bichota rolled from the top of some stairs, being immediately helped by one of her dancers before the bewildered look and shouts of her followers, who did not know what exactly it was. what had happened.

In her most recent publication on her official Instagram account, shared almost a week ago, the Colombian singer and songwriter Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G, did not want to miss the opportunity to express her special night with Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show. “What beautiful days I have had, thank you, thank you … and that I give you these little flowers because for being so beautiful with me !!!”, wrote the one born on February 14, 1991 in Medellín, Colombia, who did not imagine what would happen in the concert he gave just a few hours ago.


The tusa
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One of the many accounts that shared the video of the moment in which Karol G suffered a spectacular fall in full concert in Miami, Florida, was that of the Telemundo television program Suelta la soup, which will come to an end in a few more weeks . Just at the moment when the Colombian singer was about to go down the stairs, she fell precipitously without being able to do absolutely anything to avoid this incident. After staying a few seconds on the ground, one of his dancers comes to his ‘rescue’ …

Perhaps out of her own pride or because she is aware that under any circumstance the show must combine, the Tusa interpreter got up without apparently suffering any damage, she only shook her hair at the same time that her followers expressed their admiration. “A strong example of what life is. She falls and then gets up, shakes her hair and moves on. I’m not saying it didn’t hurt, but his attitude is admirable ”,“ To shake off the wig and let the show continue ”,“ You get off the stairs as you want! Stop thinking that it fell ”, expressed some Internet users (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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