Karol G sang birthday to Anuel after the reunion and the fans ask them to come back

Anuel and Karol G

Photo: Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

Karol G sold out his first great concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot and fulfilled one of his dreams.

In that place, during the Bichota tour concert, something happened that shocked the Colombian singer’s audience: the appearance of Anuel, her ex-boyfriend.

The exciting moment that the former couple of the urban genre lived on stage was not the only one they shared, because after the presentation the reunion between them continued in the dressing rooms.

In a video posted on Instagram by Chente Ydrach, the renowned youtuber who stands out for his knowledge and interviews about the urban genre, it was possible to see how the Colombian asked that they sing birthday to Anuel, who He had his birthday on November 26, after having sung his father’s birthday.

While in the dressing rooms they sang happy birthday to Karol G‘s father and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, Karol G and Anuel encouraged the singing.

When she finished singing the happy birthday, the Colombian said: “He also had a birthday” after having approached where the reggaeton player was and everyone began to sing again, but this time for Anuel.

After the Karol G concert and the thousands of comments generated by the sudden appearance of Anuel on stage, the interpreter of Bichota, song that recently won Best Reggaeton Performance at the Latin Grammys, published a series of photographs with her ex-boyfriend and dedicated a beautiful message that melted the hearts of more than one fan.

“I have no words to describe this moment… 100 thousand things went through my head between what was before, what we lived through and how things have been transformed. They were many years of happiness together and although that stage of our lives ended, loyalty and gratitude remain intact. You are a brilliant person. I will always admire you. THANK YOU for making my night so much more special yesterday ”, wrote Karol G.

After these heartfelt words, the fans did not hesitate to ask them to get back together.

“Come back now”, “they look cute together,” give yourselves a chance “,” the most beautiful couple in the world “and” come back now “ These are some of the publications that can be read in Karol G’s publication, which so far has 7,250,000 million likes.

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