Karol G showed almost everything in a transparent bodysuit after giving tickets for the Bichota Tour in Bogotá to a student

The Colombian women Carol G he did it again and managed to get more than 34 thousand people into the Movistar Arena from the city of Bogota Colombia. There she not only dazzled by appearing in a transparent bodysuit, she left almost all her attributes in view of her when she sang with the Colombian singer. Andres cepeda. But also “The Bichota” made the day of a student, who ended up giving him two tickets for his Bichota Tour Latin America.

Day after day” was the theme Carol G performed alongside Andres cepeda and this fell in love with the public. In addition to her sexy outfits with which she reveals her powerful curves. Emphasizing that this time she premiered a black transparent bodysuit, which made more than one drool. However, what shocked social networks was that Carol G invited a student who wrote in Twitter would not attend Bichota Tour in Bogota. The reason? His mother advised him to use that money to pay for a master’s degree.

“On another occasion you will go son,” wrote the student’s mother. What Carol G replied: “You chose super well !!! Everything has its time and its priority… how about that Karol G saw your tweet, and I gave you tickets for you and your friends and also your mom ??? I don’t know… I’m here thinking. Check your DM to see”, giving the student named Sebastian the good news that he would see the bichota in the front row.

Of course, the young man arrived with his mother and had an incredible time because not only did he fulfill his dream but he will be able to continue with his studies. There is no doubt that, once again, Carol G demonstrated her human quality and the good heart that always accompanies her. Every day more, the Colombian is dedicated to good deeds in her native country, Colombia.

Of course, Carol G He continued to give what to talk about with his daring outfits and dancers. She also gave many messages of empowerment throughout her concert at the Movistar Arena in Bogota. Last weekend she had touched Medellinwhere he made his first sold out in this part of Bichota Tour in Colombia.

In addition, digital platforms do not stop playing their music. Spotify revealed that Carol G reached 42 million monthly and its latest success provence has 120 million in Youtube. It is certainly one of the latin women prosperous and successful on and off stage.

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