Karol G Surprises Fans by Inviting Rising Star Xavi to Perform at Azteca Stadium

Xavi was Karol G's only guest in Mexico and seeing him on stage brought his mom to tears.

Karol G, the Colombian singer renowned for her vibrant reggaeton hits, extended an invitation to Xavi, the rising star in the corridos tumbados genre, to perform alongside her at Mexico’s iconic Azteca Stadium. Their duet marked a significant career moment and showcased a mutual admiration that transcended their distinct musical styles.

The concert, held on February 10, became a historic event when Xavi, at the young age of 19, took the stage as Karol G’s special guest. The emotional depth of their performance together left an indelible mark on the audience, including Xavi’s mother, who was visibly moved to tears by the sight of her son achieving his dream.

Karol G and Xavi singing a duet in Mexico (YouTube/ XaviVEVO / Taken from video)
Karol G and Xavi singing a duet in Mexico (YouTube/ XaviVEVO / Taken from video)

Karol G, at 32, has already cemented her place in the music industry with numerous hits and awards. However, her duet with Xavi introduced a unique blend of genres to her fans, further solidifying her reputation as an artist open to exploring new musical landscapes.

The concert at Azteca Stadium, which boasts a capacity of 83,264, was a testament to her star power and ability to draw massive crowds.

A Musical Premiere and a Surprise Collaboration

Xavi, singer (xaviiiofficiall / Facebook)
Xavi, singer (xaviiiofficiall / Facebook)

The collaboration between Karol G and Xavi was as surprising as it was enchanting, given that they had not previously worked together. Their performance included the song “La Diabla,” followed by a heartfelt rendition of “La Víctima,” Xavi’s favorite. Karol G’s request for Xavi to perform “La Víctima” was a highlight of the evening, showcasing her genuine admiration for his talent.

Karol G’s praise for Xavi’s vocal prowess was unequivocal. She expressed her awe during a soundcheck, where Xavi’s voice captivated everyone. “At the soundcheck, we were all crazy about this little person’s voice,” Karol G shared, revealing her desire to emulate Xavi’s singing technique. This moment of mutual respect was captured and shared on Xavi’s YouTube channel, further endearing both artists to their fans.

Unveiling “Contigo” Ahead of Schedule

Adding to the night’s surprises, Karol G announced the premature release of her new song “Contigo,” a collaboration with the renowned DJ Tiesto.

The decision to unveil the song earlier than planned was spurred by an unexpected gesture from her fan club in Mexico, which displayed a huge tarp with a message hinting at the song’s release.


Imaginate escuchar a tu hijo por primera vez en el estadio Azteca ✨ #xavi #bichota

♬ sonido original – lilianalonso97

Touched by this display of affection, Karol G decided to share “Contigo” with the world, aligning its release with her birthday on February 14.


NO QUEREMOS VIDA SI NO ES CONTIGO @Karol G ❤️ Karol G anuncia nuevo sencillo a través de una lona gigante #mañanaserabonitotour #nuevosencillo #karolg #cdmx #estadioazteca #viral #parati #concierto #bichota

♬ sonido original – Viictor Aviila (Mantarraya) 😎

The concert at Azteca Stadium was more than just a musical event; it was a celebration of unexpected collaborations, the unveiling of new music, and the emotional connections that songs can forge between artists and their audiences. Karol G and Xavi’s performance will be remembered as a moment when two distinct musical worlds collide, creating something truly magical.