Karol G wags her “tail” on her back and wears the Argentina soccer team shirt

Karol G, Colombian singer.

Karol G, Colombian singer.

Photo: Valerie Macon. /Getty Images

Carol G still on tour with his Bichota Tour Reloaded by Latin America. After some amazing nights in Chili, where he premiered a red dental floss. She touched Argentinawhere La Bichota also premiered dental floss but black with which he waggled his “tail” on his backbut where also wore the jersey of the Argentina national football team.

Throughout all his Bichota Tour, Carol G He has collected each of the things that have been given to him at his concerts. But you have to admit that Argentina stole the heart of La Bichota with the amount of details they have had for the Colombian singer. While she showed off her “tail” with provocative dental flossa fan threw a shirt at him Argentina national football team.

CarolThank you for representing us as a woman. Your songs are poems that reach the soul. Fabiana… Where is Fabiana? … Well, it fell from the sky then…”, he said Carol G while putting on the sky blue and white shirt of the Argentina soccer team.

But that was not the only surprise of the night for Carol G. Also one of his fan club in Argentona printed hundreds of papers that said a message: “We don’t feel great for you.” Of course, to the bichota Tears came out on the stage. “Sorry that he hadn’t seen them but they showed off…. There are pieces of paper all over the sand. Hears Argentina, you know what? They looked horrible …”, assured the ex of Anuel AA.

In addition, as is customary, he had two Argentine guests. one was William Novellisvocalist of the famous reggae and ska band The flywith whom the Colombian was unleashed dancing and singing the success “To not see you anymore“.

And the other guest was of the Argentine rock band Mario Gómez de Vilma Palma e Vampiros. Same with whom she also made it very clear that she is one of the biggest fans of the group. He previously had Grupo Niche and Andrés Cepeda in Colombia.

Sometime in the night Carol G raised a mini fan to the stage. She was a girl who had a blue wig and stole the heart of the bichota, who spent a few minutes on it. Without a doubt, the heart of the Colombian and the respect that she feels for her for all her fans is not in doubt.

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Meanwhile, the time to get to know the series he recorded with Sofia Vergara, “Griselda”, which tells the story of one of the most feared drug traffickers in history. On the other hand, his hit provence continues to garner millions of views Youtubealready reaching more than 140.

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