Karol G was left without a skirt in the middle of the concert; that was the embarrassing moment

Karol G continues to triumph with her “Strip Love Tour” in the United States. However, in her recent presentation, she was not spared from living a painful moment because while singing, the skirt she was wearing did not hold her dance moves and ended up falling, although the singer’s reaction is what has gone viral.

In American Post News, we have let you know that Karol G’s concerts on her recent tour have generated great surprise among her fans, as it has been spectacular. However, it has been the singer who has been involved in several accidents.

This time the attendees of Karol G’s concert could witness the exact moment when she lost her skirt, and through social networks, the moment went viral.

Karol G lives an embarrassing moment in concert.

Karol G lives an embarrassing moment on stage. How much is Karol G’s fortune?

While the singer was performing one of her songs, she was wearing a tiny skirt, a black blouse, and boots, but the first garment did not support her reggaeton moves and ended up on the stage floor.

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Despite the embarrassing moment, the singer was not embarrassed and continued singing as if nothing had happened, showing off her shapely legs in tiny panties.

The moment went viral on social networks, and fans of Karol G, who has also suffered falls on stage, applauded her professionalism for continuing her performance.

How much money does Carol have?

How much is Karol G’s fortune?

The singer Karol G has become one of the top references of the urban genre and has positioned herself at the top of the charts of music platforms.

It is estimated that the fortune of Colombian singer Karol G is approximately eight million dollars.

Karol G continues her “Strip Love Tour” in the United States, where she has given much to talk about and is expected to continue.