Karol G wiggles with a top without a bra and Feid breaks the silence about the relationship between the two

Karol G at Coachella 2022.

Karol G at Coachella 2022.

Photo: Kevin Winter. /Getty Images

After the absolute success that continues to have Carol G with his Bichota Tour Reloaded throughout Latin America, La Bichota was able to take a break to seduce all her fans on Instagram. With a short white top that showed that she was not wearing a bra, the Colombian wiggled and showed off her charms. While, pheidalso singer of reggaeton broke the silence about the alleged relationship that many fans claim to have.

“Well, I hope… If you’re dedicating it to me, that’s great, but no… If I had something to tell you, I’d let you know, but I don’t have anything. We made a song together, I was with her on tour and I love her very much, but not from then on, “Feid said about her relationship with Karol G and the rumors and details that many consider have exposed them. While, La Bichota wiggled with all her curves on Instagram.

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Carol G stays far away from the city The Angels. Although he always returns to his operations center, the tours and concerts do not stop. That makes it difficult to lead a relationship. however and although Feid has broken the silence to deny ithis cap appeared in the stories of Instagram of the bichota just when they were on the Colombian’s private plane.

In addition, on several occasions they have been seen with the same clothes. fans of Carol G and of pheid They have cried out for them to become a couple and, if they are already together, let them know. While he gave a concert in and there he said several words and advice that immediately pointed to La Bichota again.

After relationship with Anuel AA, Carol G was related to the Colombian soccer player James Rodriguezwho also had to come out to clarify the rumors of an alleged romance and say that they had nothing beyond a good friendship and that he was single. pheid has done the same.

While, Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral do not stop eating wherever they go and showing off their solid relationship on social networks. They have even been working together in the studio and the first success of both “Si Tú Me Busca” has already accumulated 40 million views on Youtube.

Secondly, pheid He also premiered a new song with Beele Y Myke Towers and its name is Barranquilla Bajo Cero. It is not surprising that during the next few days the lyrics of this song will be related to Carol G. For now, she remains silent and carries her message of female empowerment and independence to every corner of the world. Let us remember that soon she will sing again in the most important cities of the United States with her $trip Love Tour.

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